10 Things You Didn’t Know About Maude Apatow

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Maude Apatow

Credit: @maudeapatow

Maude Apatow made a name for herself, starring in the hit show Euphoria, and she’s only getting started. She’s a talented actress, but the world recognizes her last name. They know she’s the daughter of the famous Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, and many will throw the word nepotism around. The young woman who plays Lexi Howard on HBO’s biggest show is proving otherwise. She might have famous parents and access to the world most only dream of accessing, but she’s talented. Nepotism will only get you so far if you cannot do the job, and Maude Apatow can do the job.

1. She’s Young

She’s still young, but that works for her and her role in Euphoria. She was born on December 15, 1997, which means she will celebrate her 25th birthday in a few weeks. It’s a big birthday, and we hope she celebrates big. She was born and raised in LA, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, given the nature of her parent’s jobs.

2. Maude Apatow is Her Mother’s Daughter

Of course, we know this. But we did not know that her entire career was herself playing her mother’s daughter when she was a child. She began her acting career as a child playing her mother’s daughter in famous movies. Leslie Mann starred in movies such as Knocked Up and This is 40. She was in Funny People, too. Her mother played her mother in all of them. What a fun way to work.

3. She Tried College

She did not stick close to home when she graduated from high school. She went clear to Illinois to study theater. She was a student at Northwestern. However, that only lasted two years before she realized it wasn’t for her. She left school following her sophomore year in college and hasn’t looked back.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Maude Apatow

Credit: @maudeapatow

4. She Loves to Try New Looks

One thing Maude Apatow enjoys about her job is that many companies send her things she might not use otherwise. She’s willing to admit she likes to play it a little safe with her makeup and looks – as in she is always glam and gorgeous but never out there. She loves it when a company sends her something because she’s always happy to try it, which allows her to get outside her comfort zone.

5. She Has the Best Time Working With Her Mother

Per an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, “We have the best time whenever we work together, especially in our Jergens commercial. We’re always joking around and laughing. It’s an exceptional experience,” she said of her work. She and her mother are incredibly close, and their work shows how much they enjoy that time together.

6. Her Mom is Happy Her Daughter Is Grown Up

When she was a little girl, Maude Apatow would go into her mother’s bathroom and take all of her stuff. She’d gotten into her makeup, skincare, and closet and borrowed anything she liked. Or took, or kept, really. However, her mother is pretty happy that her daughter is an adult. She gets to turn the tables on her and take what she wants from her, and she loves it.

7. Her Parents Support Her So Much

If you ask her mother and her father how they feel about watching their daughter on HBO, they’ll tell you it is a dream come true. They’ve always seen their daughter’s talent and abilities, and to see her doing this is a gift to them. They are proud parents who have raised a good daughter.

8. Red Lipstick is her Favorite

No denying it, is there? Red lipstick is always a power move. It’s beautiful. It’s classic. It’s timeless. There is never a time when red lips are not appropriate. Maude Apatow knows this, recognizes this, and makes it work for herself. She’s going to be a fashion icon one day.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Maude Apatow

Credit: @maudeapatow

9. She Spent Quarantine With Her Family

Despite being an adult at the time, she was home with her mom, dad, and her slightly younger sister, Iris. She loved it. The entire family loved it. They spent some much-needed quality time together and did things that made them happy. What made them happiest, though? Self-care and cleaning their entire house a lot.

10. She’s Her Mother’s Favorite Daughter…in One Way

When it comes to her two daughters, Maude Apatow is her mother’s favorite for one reason. Leslie Mann does not like it when her younger daughter, Iris, takes her shoes. Even though all three wear the same size, Leslie Apatow chooses Maude as her favorite when it comes to shoes. She and Maude both say that Iris is going to take a pair of shoes, go to dinner in them, and then come home having destroyed them. Every single time.

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