10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ashley Yi

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ashley Yi

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ashley Yi

Ashley Yi is a woman who you need to know. She may seem like yet another TikTok star with a blog and a social media account on which she shares her life and her interests, but she is so much more than that. When you get to know this influencer, you will realize she is deep and she is easy to know, and she is exceptionally likable. If you don’t know much about her, here’s where you need to begin.

1. She is a TikToker

Her claim to fame is that she runs a successful TikTok account. She’s been on the platform for almost three years now. She began posting in July of 2019, and almost three years later she has millions of followers, likes, and views on her videos and her posts. She’s doing well.

2. She is a 90s Kid

One thing that she appreciates is the fact that she got to spend her childhood being a child. She was born on December 9, 1993, which means she did not have an iPad or a cell phone in her face all the time growing up. She was able to go outside, play with her friends, and escape the pressures of life and school when she was at home because she was not constantly connected and easily reachable. We miss those days.

3. She is from California

She’s a born and raised California girl. She grew up in Torrance, alongside her family. The area is found in southern California, and she loved it there. She is a native to the area, which is not always the case when you find online social media stars who are living in California. However, she is also very honest about the fact that she did not feel as if she fit in when she was growing up in the area.

4. She is Korean

Of course, she is Korean. Her heritage is exceptionally important to her, and she never lets anyone forget that. She is very proud of her lineage, her family, and of her Korean heritage. She often shares videos of her making Korean dishes and enjoying Korean fare, and her fans love it.

5. She Shares Everything

She’s not a niche social media influencer. She’s someone who does share a lot. She’s very happy to share videos of her doing her makeup. She does lifestyle stuff and fashion stuff online, and she is also happy to share things like her own cooking and her Korean food skills when she has a chance. She is good at all of it, too.

6. She is Funny

One thing that people love about her that has helped her gain so many followers online is that she is hilarious. She’s funny, and she knows it. She is making videos people want to see because she is humorous and it shows. People love to watch someone relatable, and she is nothing short of entirely relatable.

7. She’s Close to Her Family

She is exceptionally close to her family, and it shows. She might not share too much about them online, but she has had her own father appear in a few of her videos, and it makes her happy when he does. She’s always excited to have him there and to have him in the middle of what she’s trying to accomplish, and she is always going to be happy to share her life with her family.

8. She Has a Day Job

Social media is fun for her, but she has a big girl job, too. She’s actually quite impressive. She’s an entrepreneur, and she is also a real estate investor and manager. The company she owns is a media agency in which she does creative things for her clients and for herself, apparently.

9. She Has Big Goals

The thing about her goals is that they are big. She wants to be a good person and to have a good heart. Sure, there will be many people who are not sure this is even a goal, but it really is. She just wants to live a good life and do it on her own terms, there is nothing that screams success more than knowing what you want. And, she knows what she wants.

10. She Finally Fits In

It seems Orange County was not for her, but she finally feels as if she fits in a lot while she’s living in LA She feels more at home there, she feels more comfortable there, and she is living her best life in the Los Angeles area.

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