10 Things You Didn’t Know about Maggie Rogers

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Maggie Rogers

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Maggie Rogers

Every now and again there’s a singer/songwriter that comes along that just amazes people and yet doesn’t see fit to stand in the spotlight for everyone to see all the time. Maggie Rogers is one of those that you might know about if you listen to her style of music, but otherwise might know nothing about if you don’t listen to her or haven’t been up on the music scene in a while. The truth is that a lot of acts come and go and some last for a little while and others kind of just fade out like a match in a high wind. But given that she’s been mentored and praised by someone that’s well-known and respected in the music industry it would seem that she might have a lot brighter future in the business and possibly last for a while longer. She might be more of a niche sound than others but that does make her a lot more unique.

Here are a few things that you might not have known about Maggie.

10. She learned how to play the harp by the age of 7.

Depending on who you ask the harp can be an easy and difficult instrument to play since the standards of many that like to hear this instrument are quite high and will require a good amount of skill, practice, and possibly study. The fact that she learned by age 7 is impressive.

9. Maggie recorded her first album in a modified broom closet.

The old adage ‘when in Rome’ comes to mind in a vague sense but then again it could have been all she had to work with and the best possible space that afforded her the acoustics that she needed to record with. Anyone that’s ever been in a music class should be able to understand that acoustics are kind of important.

8. A lot of her music begs the listener to confront deeper emotions.

You could say that there are a lot of musicians that try to get people to do this but then again a lot of them seem to be saying the same thing and thus that becomes the irritation of many fans, the ‘cookie cutter’ mentality that means that too many singers and bands are being paid to pump out the same message again and again. Maggie might be doing the same thing, but like everyone else she’s doing it in her own way.

7. She has synethesia.

This is a very benign condition in which the senses of a person can be triggered by one another. A good example would be that upon hearing a certain note a person would see a certain color and make the connection between the two.

6. Maggie almost considered a career in music journalism.

Near the end of her senior year it sounds like a lot of her teachers were getting a bit frustrated with her inability to produce what they wanted and so she had a backup plan to go into music journalism. Thankfully though she got her act together and started doing what she needed to do.

5. She’s played in many live bands throughout her time as a musician.

You can easily say that she’s got the experience she needs to be someone in the music industry, as she’s managed to learn through the act of doing for a while now and has gained a lot of life experience as well.

4. At one point she had a lot of trouble writing songs.

It could have been that she was following someone else’s lead for too long and simply got out of the habit of writing her own songs that led to this. There are times when an artist will simply allow their talent to go by the wayside to experience what it’s like to follow another person’s beat instead of their own. Eventually though it pays to come back and remember who you are and what you can do.

3. She’s not really used to getting a lot of attention.

Some people don’t know what to do with the attention when they get it as they don’t tend to revel in the spotlight and aren’t used to really accepting the kind of acclaim that such a business can bring. Hopefully though she’ll learn how to get used to it even if she doesn’t grow to love it.

2. Social media is in love with her it seems.

Her social media standing isn’t too bad for someone that doesn’t know what to do with all the attention. But then again it’s hard to believe that someone would be monitoring their accounts that often so it’s obvious she’s being hyped. It’s still not that bad an idea to be honest.

1. She managed to wow Pharrell Williams.

When you can catch the attention of someone that’s in the right position to help you out that’s a big up for anyone’s career.

It might be time to take a listen to Maggie’s songs.

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