10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kate del Castillo

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kate del Castillo

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kate del Castillo

Credit: @katedelcastillo

She became famous when she starred in the massively successful telenovela “Muchachitas,” when she was just a teenager. Since then, Kate del Castillo has taken over the world in terms of her acting skills and abilities. She’s a star. From television to the movies, she’s made a name for herself that will go down in history, and her fans want to know more about her as she navigates all the things going on in her life, from citizenship to marriages, to her famous father, to her career. Here’s what you don’t know about her.

1. How Old is Kate del Castillo?

Kate del Castillo was born in Mexico City on October 23, 1972. Her mother and father raised her in Mexico. She has a sister and a half-brother who is only her father’s son from a different relationship. Her sister is also a famous figure where she is from, but she is in the journalism business rather than acting.

2. Who is Her Father?

Kate del Castillo has a recognizable name because she gets it from her famous father. Her dad is none other than Eric del Castillo. He’s famous in the Mexican film industry for his various roles and is one of Mexico’s most famous, most successful soap opera actors. He is one of the most recognizable men in the business, and his daughter had a leg up in that area.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kate del Castillo

Credit: @katedelcastillo

3. She Dated a Very Famous Man

When Kate del Castillo was younger – and not as famous as she is now – her first relationship caused a lot of press attention. She was allegedly romantically involved with the son of Emilio Azcarraga Milmo, one of the world’s most famous, most successful, and most important media moguls. He is now the CEO of the biggest media company in Mexico.

4. She Married and Divorced Twice

Kate del Castillo hasn’t found her one and only true love just yet, but she’s been married twice. Her first husband was the famous football player Luis Garcia. They were married for a little more than three years, from 2001 until 2004. She married her second husband, Aaron Diaz, in 2009. They divorced in 2011. She’s not remarried.

5. She Dated A Famous American Actor

When she divorced her second husband, Kate del Castillo did not take herself off the market. She’s still hopeful in the romance department. She dated the famed actor – and Madonna’s ex – Sean Penn for nearly a year. They were together from 2015 until 2016. However, no one can verify this other than her camp. His camp has denied any relationship between the two.

6. Did Kate del Castillo Really Date a Mexican Drug Lord?

It’s been alleged – many times – that one of her romantic partners is the infamous El Chapo. His name is Joaquin Guzman, and he is infamous across the world for being one of the biggest Drug Lords in Mexico. He was also the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, which is a notoriously dangerous cartel (as opposed to the non-dangerous cartels?). Her party denies the rumors that they dated – they aggressively deny these rumors.

7. She Was in Contact with El Chapo Following his Escape from Prison

It turns out that El Chapo had been a fan of Kate del Castillo for many years, and he had a massive crush on her (for lack of a better term), and he contacted her when he escaped. She retained the rights to his life in 2014 because she wanted to make a movie about his life, which put her under surveillance by the Centro Nacional de Inteligencia (the CNI). When he called her following his 2015 escape, she managed to set up a meeting between El Chapo and her friend Sean Penn which she claims she didn’t know Penn would try to interview El Chapo. El Chapo was recaptured soon after.

8. Sean Penn and Kate del Castillo Are Both Under Investigation

Due to their actions in brokering a meeting with an escaped criminal when the law wanted him, they are both under investigation by the Attorney General of Mexico. She made her documentary on Netflix, and the investigation has been put on hold.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kate del Castillo

Credit: @katedelcastillo

9. She’s Learning to Go More Natural with Her Makeup

Del Castillo is a woman learning to embrace aging and the things that change as you age. She’s no longer interested in wearing heaps of makeup to keep herself looking young. She’s become a much more casual makeup wearer, opting to go more natural, so she doesn’t age herself.

10. She Doesn’t Like the Rules

When it comes to beauty, Kate del Castillo is not a fan of the rules that keep her from living her best life. She’s someone who does things her own way every single time. She chooses to focus on things such as living her life, focusing on the healthy and the good aspects of what is going on within her life, and she is not going to follow any rules that tell her she can’t do this or that just to maintain her beauty.

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