10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chandra Wilson

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy, you’re already familiar with actress Chandra Wilson. You know she’s a talented actress and that she can draw you in with her performances, but what else do you know about this Dynamic individual? If you’re interested in learning more about her besides the fact that she obviously knows how to act, read through these 10 things listed below.

1. She’s a Texas native

Not only is she from Texas, she’s from the Houston area and she’s extremely proud of that fact. She routinely mentions that and interviews and in private conversations and she’s not afraid to admit that even though her work requires her to be in other places on a routine basis, Texas will always be her home.

2. You might say that her career started because of her mother

When she was little, her mom wanted to make sure that she was always busy so she wouldn’t have time to get into trouble. Her parents worked a lot, so her mom enrolled her in a lot of activities that were designed to take place after school. Acting classes just happened to be one of those activities.

3. She’s always had a busy schedule

Because her mom wanted her to stay busy, she started dancing and acting at the tender age of four. On weekends, she was in classes for modeling. You can definitely say that all of that early effort paid off.

4. She landed her first role before she was old enough to attend first grade

I just five years old, she ended up landing a role in a musical that was being produced locally. She stole the show and from there on, the rest is history.

5. She went to high school for gifted individuals

By the time she was old enough to attend high school, it was clear that she wanted to make a career for herself and show business. As a result, she began attending a high school that was specifically for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the Performing Arts. She had a regular High School curriculum, but she also had all the extra curriculum attached to performing on a routine basis.

6. She also has a college education

When she graduated from high school, she decided that she wanted more Direction in the world of Performing Arts and as a result, she was accepted into and attended the Renown Tisch School of Performing Arts in New York.

7. She found success there, too

By the time she graduated college in 1991, she was already accepting roles on Broadway. This is something that is practically unheard of because there is so much competition for this type of role but she managed to make it work and in fact, she made it look easy.

8. Television followed soon thereafter

After her first Broadway role in New York, she started getting more and more auditions and she was being accepted on a routine basis, scarcely being out of work. At the same time, she started accepting bit Parts on television and by the time that she was ready to transition, she already had a base a solid work in her portfolio from which she could build.

9. Her first recurring television role was in a failed series

Her very first recurring role came in 2001 on a television show called Bob Patterson. If you don’t remember the name, there’s probably a good reason why. The show was a dismal failure and it didn’t last for more than a few episodes. Critics for the show apart but when it came to Chandra Wilson, they lauded her performance, often saying that she did a remarkable job with virtually no decent material and if they would like to see what she could do was something that was actually viable. While many might have thought the starring in such a show would put a nail in their coffin as far as their career goes, her efforts and her outstanding performance in the show made her stand out for all the best reasons. As a result, it didn’t take her long to rise above that show and get better roles.

10. She loves a good challenge

She has never been one to shy away from challenges. In fact, she loves getting a role that seems like a stretch for her and then finding a way to not only do it, but do an outstanding job. She readily admits that without challenges, it’s impossible to grow and then when you step out of your comfort zone, truly great things can happen if only you will let them.

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