10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amy Schumer

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amy Schumer

One thing you can say with a lot of certainty about Amy Schumer is that she is a very polarizing character. People either like her or hate her, and those in-between just don’t care. She’s been the type of comedian and actress that a lot of folks love to criticize to no end and even go so far as to vilify in some ways since she is very outspoken and doesn’t hold back. This doesn’t make her a bad person but it does make her a target by her own doing since there will always be those that are willing to lambaste someone if they don’t conform to what society thinks is the norm. However, in this day and age when so much is changing and societal views are either breaking down or being adapted her act is becoming more the norm and those that don’t like it are trying to fight back to no avail.

Here are a few things that some folks might not have known about Amy.

10. She used to tend bar and wait tables while she was attempting to become an actress.

There’s no doubt about it, she’s worked hard to get where she is and paid her dues in more ways than one. People can dislike her all they want as it’s their right, but Amy has put in her time and done her bid throughout her career and before it in order to get to where she wants to be.

9. Her younger sister is her road manager.

Normally working with family can be the best thing or the worst thing for anyone since it’s not something that allows for a middle of the road feel that often. So far it seems as though things have been working out though so it’s possible that it’s a working relationship that is good for both of them.

8. The first attempts she made at being a comedian weren’t all that successful.

Amy has had to fight her way onto the stage at times and really steel herself against hostile crowds since she’s not about to go without saying what she wants to say and deliver her act in a manner that’s conducive to the way she thinks. That’s just not how she’s built.

7. If you haven’t figured out by now she’s not an apologist when she’s on stage.

Whatever comes out of her mouth is not usually followed by anything other than another line that she wants you to hear since Amy is not the type that’s going to apologize for speaking her mind and letting people know just what’s in that head of hers. If people are expecting an apology at one of her shows then it’s very likely they’ve never heard her perform before.

6. She’s been accused of stealing  jokes before.

This is just about as serious as an author ripping off another author or being accused of plagiarism since it’s about the same thing, but while Amy vehemently denied that she ever did such a thing the accusing comedians finally relented and the matter was settled.

5. Schumer was arrested in October 2018 for protesting the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.

The whole Kavanaugh trial was a bit of a farce since both sides were out of control and the entire spectacle was a seriously deranged attempt at something that very few people could ever fully agree on. But getting herself arrested, with a slap on the wrist at best, was seemingly more for publicity than anything. Yes, I said it.

4. She was involved with Dolph Ziggler of the WWE for a while.

You should easily assume that someone in her line of work is going to be around other famous people since she’s been running in the same circles as some of the most influential stars in a lot of different areas. She and Dolph didn’t last for too long, but just long enough to be noticeable as a couple.

3. Her background is in Theater.

Amy majored in this during college and to be honest it’s a bit of a surprise that she went into comedy first but it’s not a surprise at all that movies were her calling after a while. So far she’s been criticized and praised alike, though she takes it all in stride.

2. She’s got a very dark sense of humor and uses it to her benefit.

Her act isn’t all sunshine and rainbows if you’ve never watched it, she comes out and says a few things that might offend people, which is funny since those that praise her, some of them, are also those that get easily offended by other issues that seem to act as a trigger for a lot of people.

1. Her sense of humor was a defense mechanism.

A comedian has to have somewhat of a thick skin when they step on stage since there’s no real middle ground when they first get started. They’re either going to get people laughing or need to get off the stage quickly if the audience turns against them. Amy learned eventually that she needed to turn the audience to her side as much as possible.

Like her or not, she’s where she’s at for a good reason.

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