10 Things You Never Knew about The Malfoy Family

They’re one of the most vile and unloved families in the Harry Potter movies and yet somehow they’re also one of the most affluent around. Well, at least until Lucius Malfoy is outed as a Death Eater, something that many people likely already knew. But of course, the Imperius curse is no doubt to blame if anyone asked, at least so long as it would have taken to clear his name of any wrongdoing after the wizarding war. Lucius got to keep his good name and the Malfoy family got to maintain their position in the wizarding society. But just how depraved is the family, and how far back does their hatred of muggle-borns go? Here are a few things about the Malfoy family that you likely didn’t know and might find very interesting.

10. The first Lucius Malfoy attempted to marry Queen Elizabeth I.

Can you imagine a Malfoy marrying and then possibly ruling the country of England alongside a muggle? It would have been a serious breach in their prized, pure-blooded ways.

9. Draco and Harry might be related.

It’s a long, twisting lineage, but there is a connection there and it does go back for quite a while. The Potters were at one point among the sacred 28, but were at one point taken off due to their affiliation with muggles.

8. The Malfoy name is one of the sacred 28.

The sacred 28 are those of pure blood, those that have not bred with muggles throughout ages so that their bloodlines remain pure. It was started by Salazar Slytherin.

7. The translation of the name is ‘bad faith’.

This seems like an ill portent for any family to exist under but despite its meaning the name went on to denote power and authority thanks to its many haughty family members.

6. Their family crest honors Salazar Slytherin.

The Malfoy’s are all about Slytherin from the start and try to uphold his ideals until after the Battle of Hogwarts. It’s actually not surprising that he was sorted in Slytherin.

5. Malfoy’s cellar holds innumerable dark artifacts.

During the buildup to the return of Voldemort, Lucius Malfoy was seen attempting  to sell several items so as to keep his good name as the raids that were being conducted could have discovered a few of his more potent items.

4. The crimes of the Malfoy’s were forgiven after the second wizarding war.

You would have thought that those who willingly sided with Voldemort would be punished, but the new regime took a different tact and decided to forgive the Malfoy’s.

3. Draco married another pure-blooded witch.

As much as he isn’t his father, Draco still had to grow up and be inundated with the Malfoy way of life so it’s not too surprising that he would marry another pureblood.

2. Harry and Draco’s sons are best friends.

Did anyone see this coming? Their fathers were mortal enemies before the dark lord returned and if not for Snape Harry would have ended Draco’s life.

1. The Malfoy’s are related to other pure-blooded families. 

Can you imagine the Malfoy’s being related in some obscure way to the Weasely’s, who are another pureblood family?

Did you happen to know any of these facts?


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