10 Things You Didn’t Know about “The Secret Life of Pets”

The Secret Life of Pets is a truly funny movie and does carry a few messages within it, but they tend to get lost in the mix when you really get into the film. If you’ve ever wondered just what it is your pets do all day when you’re not home this will give you a few ideas, but chances are that your pets won’t be quite this animated when it comes to the activities they get up to. Just be thankful for that much at least since these pets end up causing a massive amount of traffic on a bridge and a good deal of destruction throughout the city.

But hey, it’s New York, stuff happens.

10. Gru from Despicable Me is visible in the park scene.

It’s a ‘there and gone’ kind of thing but if you watch closely you’ll see him walking his dog. These movies love to throw in those little details that take some watching to notice.

9. The name of the rabbit, Snowball, is the same name used by George Orwell in Animal Farm.

Snowball was one of the two pigs that led the overthrow of the humans. He was eventually run off when the greedier pigs decided he wasn’t going along with their plans.

8. There’s a Super Mario Bros. game sound in the movie.

When Max and Duke are escaping a turtle can be seen being knocked into his shell and then bumped around to the same kind of sound effects that are used in Super Mario Bros.

7. A poster for Sing can be seen on the back of a bus in the film.

Sing didn’t come out until five months later, so this was just some added advertising it seems.

6. There’s a Boyz N the Hood reference.

When Snowball is going on and on about ‘Ricky’ this is a reference, a vague one, about Ricky from Boyz N the Hood, who didn’t make it. That Ricky got shot however, there’s no telling what happened to this Ricky.

5. There are multiple representations of Minions in various spots.

You can see Minions dolls, magnets, and even bananas placed strategically near what appear to be Minions items.

4. This is Eric Stonestreet’s first animated film.

If you don’t know the name he plays Cam on Modern Family. His voice should be pretty distinctive.

3. The song that the poodle switches over to is Bounce by System of a Down.

I’ll firmly admit this is the one thing that made me interested enough to see the movie. It only lasted a few seconds but it was worth it.

2. There’s an ode to Alien in the movie.

When the Flushed Pets are pushing the stroller down the sidewalk the iguana pops through the chest area to look around. That’s an ode to the scific horror flick.

1. There’s a reference to the movie Bolt. 

When Max and Duke are being cornered by the alley cats Max mentions the ‘lightning’ and the ‘thunder’, something that Bolt did in his movie.

It’s a pretty cute movie and worth watching.

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