The Top 10 Best Steve Carell Movies

Steve Carell has spent more than 30 years on the silver screen and has taken on some iconic roles and characters. Although Steve Carell is perhaps best known today for portraying Michael Scott in The Office, he got his big break starring in movies, which led to him being cast in the legendary TV show. Here are the top 10 best Steve Carell movies of all time.

10. Dan In Real Life (2007)

Dan In Real Life Steve Carell

credit: Walt Disney Studios

Even though Dan in Real Life isn’t a groundbreaking film, it has a strong cast that includes the likes of Emily Blunt, Allison Pill, Dianne Wiest, John Mahoney, and Lucas Hedges. Steve Carell portrays a loving father who is just trying to do the best he can to raise three children on his while also finding love again. He gives the character justice and helps keep the movie from getting too shady. The entire premise of this film is that the only thing you can plan for in life is getting surprised, and if you give it a chance, I think it will surprise you.

9. Last Flag Flying (2017)

Last Flag Flying Steve Carrel

credit: Amazon Studios

Bryan Cranston, Laurence Fishburne, and Carell star in Last Flag Flying as a group of Vietnam War veterans that come together following the death of Steve Carell’s son in the movie. Although the military wishes to give the deceased soldier a hero’s send-off, Carell begs for a non-military funeral so that his son can be buried nearby. It’s a brief but potent tale that hits you in the gut as old secrets come to light and the past refuses to stay hidden.

8. Despicable Me (2010)

credit: Universal Pictures

Steve Carell portrays the evil genius Gru, one of the franchise’s main characters. Carell may have only had to appear in a sound booth for a few weeks, but he gives the part his all, and his enthusiasm for the script shows through in his voice acting. He gives Gru a certain sweetness without softening the edges of the villain. It’s a tricky tightrope to walk, but Carell manages it, and that magic trick isn’t at all disgusting.

7. The Big Short (2015)

The Big Short Steve Carell

credit: Paramount Pictures

Steve Carell portrays Mark Baum, a small-business owner who despises American institutions and runs a trading company. Although this character has an underlying sadness, Steve Carell exudes disdain for banking organizations and the suffering they have caused. It is amusing to see Mark rebel against “The Man” and perhaps even fool him. Even though Carell was already a well-known actor by this point, it’s good to see him work with an A-list cast and hold his own.

6. Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

Crazy Stupid Love Steve Carell

credit: Warner Bros

In Crazy, Stupid, Love, Steve Carell portrays Cal, a recently divorced man trying to learn how to approach women in bars and finally find his confidence once again. Carell plays the genuine lead in this endearing rom-com, but Gosling and Stone’s chemistry is what audiences will remember it for. Cal understands that if something is meant to be, it will work out and that it’s never too late to give up on love.

5. Foxcatcher (2014)

Foxcatcher Steve Carell

credit: Sony Pictures

Mark and Dave Schultz, brothers and U.S. Olympic wrestling champions, train with eccentric multimillionaire John du Pont’s “Team Foxcatcher” in preparation for the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea, but John’s destructive conduct put all of them in danger.

4. Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Little Miss Sunshine Family

credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

A family drives across the country in their VW bus to get their young daughter into the beauty pageant finals. Carell sticks out in his white dress, but otherwise, he fades in because this isn’t a big, flamboyant performance that demands attention. Instead, it’s the kind of movie that will make you both laugh and cry equally before it lifts you to your feet in the conclusion. And to me, that embodies Steve Carell.

3. Beautiful Boy (2018)

Beautiful Boy Steve Carrel

credit: Amazon Studios

Steve Carell portrays David Sheff, a New York Times writer whose son Nic is a drug addict. Sheff does everything in his power to assist his son, but at that point, Nic can only be helped by Nic. And it might be the most challenging thing to witness: when a parent must reject his son for their good. 

2. Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy (2004)

Anchorman The Legend Of Ron Burgundy Characters

credit: Dreamworks

2004 was a breakout year for Steve Carell, and Anchorman played a big part in that. In the movie, Carell plays a meteorologist, Brick Tamland, a KVWN channel four news team member. With an IQ of just 48, Tamland claims to have eaten a candle, pooped a hammer, and is not a fan of loud noises. This would prove to be the role that strapped the rocket to Steve Carell, leading to a starring role in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and eventually cast him as Michael Scott in The Office.

1. The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2004)

The 40 Year Old Virgin Steve Carell

credit: Universal Pictures

The 40-Year-Old Virgin marked Steve Carell’s debut as the leading man, and he knocked it out of the park with it being his best performance to date. The movie follows Andy Stitzer, a 40-year-old virgin who is determined to finally meet a woman and lose his virginity after confessing he’s never done it to his friends. Regarding the cast, Steve Carell is among a great lineup, with Seth Rogan, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Rudd, and Catherine Keener all starring alongside him. 

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