10 Interesting Facts About Steven Strait

10 Interesting Facts About Steven Strait

Steven Strait is one of the lucky few actors who has fulfilled his lifelong goal of working steadily. Having played Jim Holden on The Expanse since 2015, he is now a regular sight on many people’s screens. Although Steven has been in the same role for seven years, he is a talented actor who can easily switch gears into other creative areas, including producing and music. Whatever type of role he’s given, Steven always does a fantastic job of embodying his character. Time is of the essence if you haven’t been keeping tabs on Steven to see what he’s about. Here are ten more facts about Steven Strait that you probably didn’t know.

10. He Was A Model Before He Started Acting

Steven Strait The Covenant

credit: Screen Gems

Steven Strait is an up-and-coming Hollywood star best known for his good looks. Steven first caught Hollywood’s attention when he began working as a model. Steven collaborated with several well-known brands, including Pop and Spoon magazines, during this period. Steven’s modeling work helped to launch his acting career, and he has since appeared in several films and television shows. In addition to his good looks, Steven’s talent sets him apart from other Hollywood stars.

9. He Almost did not Start Acting Because Of Shyness

Steven Strait The Expanse

credit: Amazon Studios

Steven was a shy and introverted child growing up and struggled to find his place in the world. But at 11, he enrolled in acting classes at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, and it quickly became apparent that he had a natural talent for the craft. Steven moved to California in 2004 to pursue his dream of becoming an actor, and after years of hard work, he finally achieved success with his role in Undiscovered. Today, Steven is one of Hollywood’s brightest stars, and he continues to inspire others with his story of determination and perseverance.

8. Steven Is A Very Accomplished Producer

Steven Strait The Expanse Directing

credit: Amazon Studios

Steven Strait is best known for his work on The Expanse, where he plays the lead role of James Holden. The show has been praised for its complex plotlines and well-developed characters, and Steven’s performance is a big part of what makes it so successful. However, Steven is also a talented producer, overseeing the creation of roughly 30 episodes of The Expanse. This is an impressive accomplishment, and it will be interesting to see whether this is something that he will continue to pursue with other projects in the future. Steven is a versatile and talented individual, and it will be exciting to see what he does next.

7. He’s Also A Gifted Musician

Steven Strait Guitar

credit: @steven_strait_86

Steven Strait is a genuine artist who enjoys expressing himself via several mediums, not just acting. He’s also a gifted musician who is currently signed to Lakeshore Records. He is in the process of recording his debut solo album and has also contributed seven songs to the Undiscovered soundtrack. Steven Strait’s love of music began at a young age, and he picked up the guitar when he was just thirteen. Since then, he has gone on to hone his skills as a singer and songwriter, and his passion for music is evident in everything he does. His debut album is sure to be a reflection of his unique style and talent, and it is sure to garner him a loyal following among music lovers everywhere. Steven Strait is an artist to watch, and his musical career is sure to be one to follow closely.

6. Steven’s Relationship Status

Steven Strait Daria Zhemkova

credit: MSU Studios

Although Steven has always been a private type of actor, he is nonetheless subject to the same publicity as any other famous person. From 2007 to 2013, Steven was married to actress Lynn Collins. He also recently tied the knot with model Daria Zhemkova in 2019.

5. He’s Not Verified On Social Media

Steven Strait Social Media

credit: @steven_strait_86

Steven has all the makings of a viral sensation online as a young, good-looking actor. To the dismay of his followers, Steven doesn’t appear to care about using social media. He does not have a verified account on any social media sites.

4. He’s Always Looking To Try New Things

Steven Strait Event

credit: Miracle Gallery

Many people are content never to leave their safe spaces, but that has never been what Steven is about. So far in his career, he has continued to push his own boundaries and expand into new areas of creativity, including modeling, acting, producing, and creating music. 

3. He’s Very Humble And Grounded

Steven Strait As James Holden The Expanse

credit: Amazon Studios

With all of his success so far in his career, it wouldn’t be surprising if he had developed an ego. Yet, Steven is the type to keep his feet firmly on the ground. He is a modest man who knows how crucial it is to remain humble and not take things for granted.

2. The Role That Made Him

The Expanse Cast

credit: Amazon Studios

Like every actor, Steven can point to at least one role in which he felt he made a mark, and for him, that role would have to be The Expanse. His time on the show has been described as “the most fulfilling creative experience of my career” during an interview with Geeks of Color. “Before I realized it was being adapted, I was a fan of the novels. So I came in as a fan and to play this huge shift in the character’s development.  Actors will never know greater happiness than that. This kind of chance doesn’t come along very often. What a fantastic experience it has been.”

1. Steven’s Net Worth

Steven Strait In The Expanse

credit: Amazon Studios

As of this writing, 36-year-old Steven has a net worth of approximately $5 million. His highest-grossing film as a lead actor was “10,000 BC,” which made $270 million worldwide, while much of his current income comes from his role as James Holden on The Expanse, where he has appeared on 62 episodes so far. Steven’s primary income is from acting, commercial deals, and appearing at events.

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