Zombieland (2009): Meet the Original Movie Cast & Characters

Zombieland (2009): Meet the Original Movie Cast & Characters

It’s been thirteen years since we got one of the best zombie apocalyptic movies in the past century. Hate it or love it, Zombieland helped revolutionize the cinematic representation of zombies to what it is today. Way back then, the concept of zombies was only focused on the scary, boring, human-biting cliché storylines—not counting Shaun of the Dead.

Zombieland brought a breath of fresh air into zombie comedy and had an incredible cast to bring the story to life. The story follows four humans trying to fight their way across the country through a growing horde of the undead.

For most people who didn’t get to watch the first Zombieland, chances are they saw its 2019 sequel, Zombieland: Double Tap. So, in honor of its first movie, here is the super-talented cast that made it a success.

Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg)


Credit: Zombieland

Jesse Eisenberg plays the character of Columbus, the movie’s main protagonist and narrator. Up until 2006, Eisenberg wasn’t an A-list celebrity, but his quirky, nerdy, and twitch-full acting skills were perfect for the movie. Eisenberg’s character, Columbus, teams up with three other survivors to fight zombies as they navigate their way to Los Angeles.

He settles on the name Columbus because it’s a city he loves and hopes to visit someday. His first stint with a zombie is with his neighbor. After being attacked by his beautiful neighbor turned zombie, Columbus creates Zombie rules to survive the apocalypse. Although Tallahassee would disagree, as crazy and funny as the rules may seem, they’re sufficient to get him through the apocalypse.

Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson)


Credit: Zombieland

Woody Harrelson is a fantastic actor and one to draw comic inspiration in his movies. There was no better actor to breathe life into the Tallahassee character. Tallahassee is the life of the party and has found creative ways to kill zombies.

He likes to dress like a cowboy and deeply hates zombies. At first, he ascribes it to the death of his dog, Buck, killed by zombies. However, later on, he would reveal Buck was actually his son. Columbus and Tallahassee’s first encounter didn’t go smoothly, but after an intense confrontation, they both agreed to travel together.

Like Columbus, his encounter with Wichita and Little Rock wasn’t at first pleasant. However, after having his weapons and beloved Cadillac Escalade stolen by the female duo three times, they finally trust each other to continue their adventure through the country.

Wichita (Emma Stone)


Credit: Zombieland

Emma Stone plays the character of Wichita, the older sister of Little Rock. However, among all the four main characters in the movie, she’s the only one who reveals her real name. She chooses the Kansas city of Wichita as her moniker in the movie but reveals her name is Krista.

Right before the zombie apocalypse started, Wichita excelled as a con artist. This trait and her smartness help her protect her younger sister and survive throughout the movie. She became a love interest for Columbus as the two grew fond of each other.

She and her younger sister, Little Rock, were initially a pain in the neck for Tallahassee. However, after Columbus’s outburst in trying to get them to work together as a team, they all get to trust each other and continue to battle zombies throughout the movie.

Little Rock (Abigail Breslin)

Little Rock

Credit: Zombieland

Renowned child actor Abigail Breslin takes the role of Little Rock in this zombie comedy movie. In the movie, Little Rock is a cunning 12-year-old who has been hardened by life. She enters the apocalyptic world with her older sister Wichita as they battle to survive.

She’s also quite proficient in using guns, having been an expert gamer. She has a close relationship with her sister, who’s overly protective of her. Over the course of the movie, she develops a father-daughter bond with Woody Harrelson’s character, Tallahassee.

406 (Amber Heard)


credit: Zombieland

Not many knew Amber Heard was featured in the movie. However, she has gained more popularity in recent years than she was known in the past. Heard plays the character only known as 406. She’s Columbus’ pretty neighbor he’s been having a crush on. And yes, 406 is the number of her apartment. Columbus never got around to asking her about her name in the movie.

Columbus lets her into his apartment for the first time after she gets scared about an encounter with a neighbor. Thinking he’s off to the start of a blossoming relationship, he wakes up to see she has turned into a zombie. She becomes Columbus’ first encounter with a zombie as he’s forced to kill her with his toilet tank’s lid.

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