If You’re Not Watching “Robot Chicken,” Here’s Why You Should

If You’re Not Watching “Robot Chicken,” Here’s Why You Should

There are people who refuse to miss an episode of “Robot Chicken,” then there are those who have never watched it. Some categorize it as insane, twisted and even go so far to say that it’s “sick,” but most who tune in regularly, agree that it’s worth watching. If you’re not watching “Robot Chicken,” here is why you should.

Current affairs delivered through comedy

“Robot Chicken is a stop-motion animation that is absolutely packed with pop culture references. Part of the reason why people get hooked on it is that it makes fun of what’s going on in society right now. Instead of getting mad or depressed about the situation, why not laugh? A good dose of humor is just what is needed to make us all forget our differences for a while and have a good laugh together. The sketches take a had run at a variety of things ranging from comic books to television movies and there’s plenty of decent material for the content. It doesn’t seem to get old because it doesn’t just repeat the same old things.

Seth Green is a creator

This should be enough to grab the attention of Seth Green fans. The dude is legitimately funny and he knows how to make people laugh. Green created “Robot Chicken” along with some help from Mike Fasolo and Matthew Senreich. The stars include Green, Senreich and Breckin Meyer contributing the voices as well as the personalities.

It’s short but packed with hilarious sketches

“Robot Chicken” has received multiple thumbs up from viewers who think it’s one of the funniest shorts on Cartoon Network. The show is a sketch consisting of action figures and dolls who act out scenes. This is done with a stop-motion animation. The entire episode only lasts for fifteen minutes, and it’s seen once a week, but it can give you a little lift without taking up a lot of your time.

Adult Swim

While it’s true, that “Robot Chicken” is not for those who are easily offended, it’s been one of the most popular sketches on Adult Swim. It keeps viewers guessing what is going to happen next, because Green has kept the sketches following an unpredictable progression. Here’s a little spoiler…Nothing is sacred.

A warning should be issued with “Robot Chicken”

If you are a toy collector, there may be times when you need to avert your eyes. Yes, it is true. Many toys have been harmed and destroyed in the making of this film. Madness and pandemonium erupt every so often. Transformers deal with the issue of prostate cancer and it’s so off the wall that it’s funny.

“Robot Chicken” was created when a mad scientist discovered a chicken carcass on the road.

The bird was dead but he found a way to re-animate the fowl. He creates a cyborg chicken and then forces it to watch television. This is the fodder that is used for the satirical humor that targets William Shatner, N’sync and others in random acts of violence. The show is fast moving so you have to stick with it to get the gist, but it really is hilarious. These are the reasons why you should watch “Robot Chicken” if you aren’t already. All fans of Adult Swim will agree that this is one of the funniest yet, if you enjoy this kind of humor.


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