Young and the Restless: Will Reed’s Relationship Ruin His Family?


Young and the Restless: Will Reed’s Relationship Ruin His Family?

Young and the Restless fans see a lot of stuff happening that might lead to something different. There are a lot of relationships taking a major turn right now, and one of them is with Reed. Actually, we think two of them are with Reed. He is very close to Mattie these days. We all know his mom is Victoria and her dad is Cane, which means nothing good for either of them. She just fired Cane after he lied about sleeping with an employee and then giving her a job, got her pregnant, and cheated on his wife all at once.

And Cane did all that and then had the audacity to ask for his job back. It’s been an interesting situation all the way around, but we are particularly interested in how it’s going to play out with these two. Obviously Mattie not happy about where her dad is in life right now, and she’s not happy with Reed’s mom.

But is Reed happy with his mom? If she’s upset with her because of this, it could mean they have some much bigger issues to work through. He might want his mom to compromise her values to make his girlfriend happy — and he’s still young enough not to understand what he’d be asking of her if he did that. Of course, we don’t know how this will play out right now, but we do know that it’s not looking good for Reed and Victoria. And they have such a troubled relationship as it is.

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