Young and the Restless Spoilers: How Is Chelsea Feeling?

Young and the Restless Spoilers: How Is Chelsea Feeling?

Young and the Restless spoilers are bringing us so many different things that we cannot even keep up. On the weekends, though, we like to bring you more information about things you might not even realize are going on, delve further into what we feel might happen in specific story lines, and we also like to speculate on the gossip from the week behind us or the week ahead of us. We know that Nick and Chelsea have been working hard to find out what happened to Adam, but they weren’t exactly getting along when Nick decided Chloe was the person behind his murder.

He was right, but that’s beside the point. Chelsea did not want to hear that her own best friend would be the person responsible for killing the man she loved and planned on running away with, but it turns out Nick was right. Chelsea admitted that when she found Adam’s wedding ring in Chloe’s drawer, and things all went to hell and back when that happened. Now these two are getting along a little better as they plot to make Chloe and Victor pay for what they did to Adam. We know that Nick and Chelsea are fragile right now, but we also know that there is some question to Christians’ paternity.

Victor seems to know the answer to this question, and he seems to want to keep it to himself. What we suspect, however, is that Nick is not the father of this baby. We know that he is not going to be happy about it when and if he finds out, but Victor is going to do whatever he can to play his hand right and avoid going back to prison. He’s going to save this information for a later date, telling Nick now only that he is guilty of asking Chloe to set up Adam, but that he had no idea she had a plan to kill his son. We feel this is a lie all the way through, and Nick is going to see through Victor rather easily.

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