Young and the Restless: Mariah and Hilary Fight

Young and the Restless: Mariah and Hilary Fight

Young and the Restless fans are loving the strife between Marian and Hilary. When Mariah shows up to work wearing the dress that Hilary left at Devon’s when they were together, Hilary sees her and loses her mind. They get into a huge fight, and it ends up being on the air when it happens. They’re both going to be in trouble for this one, and it’s also going to cause Jordan to give up on Hilary. He thought that they might have something, but this proves to him that she only wants Devon. Too bad that Mariah is only using him to make Hilary mad and to get what she wants. She’s enjoying this entirely too much, and there is nothing that Hilary can do to make it stop.

We’re also going to see that Scott is insistent on staying close to Sharon. He’s already kissed her, there is a lot of drama going on in her life, and he feels he needs to keep her in the loop about everything they have going on. This is going to be one of those situations we can’t get over too quickly, but it’s going to be one we love to watch unfold. They seem to have something sweet between them, but we aren’t sure Sharon can handle something like this at this point. Will she be able to get over her husband and his disappearance, or will she need to figure things out?

Right now we know that Nikki is keeping a secret that she’s not going to share with anyone, and we hope it’s a good one. She’s one who is a bit dramatic at times, so it might very well be nothing. She’s not someone who keeps a secret well unless it’s her own and it’s damaging to her. What might happen is they find out she’s keeping someone else’s secret; and everyone will know before too much longer. She’s not good at that kind of stuff, you know. But maybe it’s her own, and it’s going to be something so good we can’t even wait for next week when we find out.

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