Young and the Restless: Is Hilary Putting Herself in Danger?

Young and the Restless fans know many things go wrong all the time. Juliet has been summoned to Hilary’s office, where she was asked about her affair with Cane. Juliet was clearly shocked that Hilary found out about it, and she was not happy. She said it only happened once, but she has no idea that Hilary recorded this on her own. She’s got a lot to work with now, and she’s pretty happy about it. What we want to know is if Hilary is going to use this information soon, or if Juliet and Cane will get together and stop her.

Is Hilary in danger because of this? There is a good chance she has a lot to do with the issues that are going on, and we have reason to believe she might just make some poor choices. She’s working hard to get her life in order, and she’s using people left and right to get what she wants. Is this going to put her life in danger? She’s already got Mariah on her, she’s got Jordan mad at her, and she’s now blackmailing her boss and Juliet. We have a feeling things aren’t going to look so good in the future.

She might feel as if she’s got it all together right now, but we all know she is not working with things that will help her out in the least. She’s working with a lot of issues, a lot of trouble, and she’s working with something she can’t put her finger on. She’s in need of some help, and right now she appears to have no friends willing to step up to the plate for her.

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