Young and the Restless: How Far Will Victor Go to Hurt Nick?

Young and the Restless fans know Victor is not a big fan of Nick. He’s always favorited Adam, even though they are both his son. He doesn’t seem to think that Nick will ever be as good as Adam, even though he had Adam framed and put in jail for a crime he did not commit, and then he had Chloe kill him. This is bad news — or maybe it’s not. We still maintain there is a chance that Victor is well aware that Adam is alive and well and he’s helping him hide from something that is going on his life.

If he does, it might be him that brings his son back with a very creative story about what happened him. And is that a good thing? We don’t think that it is a good thing, but we aren’t concerned with that at the same time. What we are thinking is that he might bring Adam back for no other reason than to see Nick miserable.

This would make him good and happy, and it would be something he would do. This is the chance he has to make sure Nick doesn’t get too happy or too complacent in his life, and that’s good news. And we can’t help but figure out what is going on with things that we’ve been seeing. It makes sense considering just how much Victor dislikes this son of his. So we will see how this all goes down.

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