Young and the Restless: Ashley’s Choice

Young and the Restless: Ashley’s Choice

Young and the Restless fans want to know what’s going to happen next week, as do we. We have our suspicions, and many of them fall into people making decisions on the fly. One person is Ashley. She’s got her friend in one ear telling her what to do and how to do it, and she’s got her good feelings telling her it’s not a good idea. She knows Ravi loves her and wants to be with her, but she’s not going to take advantage of that. He’s her friend, and she just can’t hurt him like that. Traci might think it’s just fine, but we all know it’s not. So she’s going to go elsewhere with her wanton desires, and we feel it might lead her to meet a new man. She will be with Ravi when she meets him, which is not going to go well, but at least she’s not leading him on.

As for Victor, he’s going to disappear. There will be some who believe he’s away on business. Others who believe he is after the young woman who killed his son, completely unaware that he himself hired her to do just that. There will be others who want to know why there is no way they can make any good decisions in their lives. And there are some who want to know if he’s left town strictly because he has every desire to go after her on his own and kill her himself.

We know this; he’s not going to change his mind about anything, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop him from making this decision on his own. We know he’s got some serious issues to work out, and he’s going to go. We will see his family take on their own needs and wants as they deal with this, and we will see how it affects them as they move on with their own lives knowing that someone they love so much is responsible for the death of their brother/son.

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