Young and the Restless’ Best Female Villains

Young and the Restless fans love a good villain, so it’s a good thing the show is filled with them and all their ugly behavior. We will not lie about the fact that we feel some of them are far better than others, some are worse, and some are just a mess as a whole. There’s a lot happening here, and we love to see a strong female. We don’t know that these women are strong in terms of being amazing or anything that’s positive or good, but we do think that there is a lot happening with these women that make them stronger than average, but still a little crazy at times. They’re some of our favorite villains on the show, and that’ what we love about them.

Daisy Carter

You don’t see her around anymore, and that’s for a good reason. She’s been gone a while, but she was around long enough to make sure that she was able to make just about everyone as miserable as possible. She’s someone we loved to hate, and that was our favorite part of her entire personality. She’s a mess, and she’s never let us down. From kidnapping other people to holding people hostage at gunpoint and threatening to kill them on the regular, she’s been able to do things that make people miserable on a regular basis. She loves that, though, and it works for her. She’s good at it, and we appreciate that about her. She’s not afraid of making things happen, and she’s not afraid of making things work for her.

She was not someone exactly nice to others, and she did take a man and rape him so that she could have his child — and she did. And we think that her parents would be quite proud of all that she accomplished in her time as a woman of need. She’s a mess, and that’s all right, but she does go down in history as a favorite.

Sheila Carter

Do you happen to see the theme in the last names here? We think that there is a lot that might go down with this family, and Sheila is someone who does not make it her mission in life to make anyone else happy. She’s a woman on a mission, and that’s never changed. She was once married to Eric Forrester, something she regrets losing because she does like that fame and power and the money that goes into her situation, but she wasn’t married to him when she moved over into this show from B&B. She was good there, but she was really good here. When she’s in Genoa City, she’s looking hard at Lauren Fenmore to make her the most miserable person who ever lived.

She’s not happy with her own life, and she’s been taking that out on people for a long time. She’s a disaster of epic proportions. She’s someone who doesn’t make good life choices, who doesn’t make good decisions at all, and who doesn’t seem to have a problem with basically anything in her life going her way. She’s made a career of drugging people to get what she wants. Stealing their babies for various reasons and purposes, and she’s made it her mission in life to also try to kill people, use guns to make people do her bidding, and she’s a big fan of blackmailing people to get what she wants.

She’s not afraid to tell people that she has to do what she has to do, and she’s not a big fan of being there for someone who needs her help when she can get something from that on her own. She’s a mess, and she loves her life as it stands. She’s not afraid of what she’s working with, and that’s something she’s always brought to the table. She might not be around these days, but she’s always willing to come back and make a mess of the lives of the people she feels are in her way. And that’s what makes her the best villain around these days and all the other days.

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