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There’s a lot going on in the episode, but it’s a safe bet that a lot of folks were paying a great deal of attention to the fight that occurred between Summer and Beth. It was one of the highlights of the episode, to be fair, and it had been building for a while. But apart from that, there’s plenty going on in the series at this time that’s still moving things forward in a manner that’s worth paying attention to. John Dutton has decided to take a ride up to the mountains in an attempt to drive his cattle down and is leading his cowboys as well. Kayce, Monica, and Tate have returned to the ranch for the ride, while Beth has decided to come along as well. Jamie is still making poor decisions, which are bound to hurt the ranch eventually, but there wasn’t a huge focus on anything other than the Duttons and the ranch during this episode, as much of what was seen had to do with John reconnecting with the life that his term as governor was slowly taking away. 

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 5 Recap “Watch'em Ride Away”

credit: Yellowstone

There are times when even Rip gets tired of Beth’s craziness. 

Rip loves Beth beyond words, but it’s easy to see that sometimes even he gets tired of dealing with the emotional mess she can become now and again. When asked if she’d like to come out on a ride with him to the mountains to wrangle cattle, Beth starts getting defensive as she does, but Rip, being the decent person he is, ends up doing the most in order to keep her happy. Rip definitely has a way about him that a lot of others don’t when it comes to Beth. Their love is very real, but it’s also very confusing sometimes since she doesn’t make it easy for anyone to like her, let alone love her. For some reason, Rip has endured more than many when it comes to Beth, as it’s shown through flashbacks of how she toyed with him when they were younger and how he always stuck to the path he’d been set on by her father. If there’s anyone truer than Rip in this series, it’s hard to say so with a straight face since he’s been through a great deal, and he’s still a ride-or-die type of person. 

Kayce and Monica might try for another child.

The loss of his son is hitting Kayce as well, it would appear, since a tender moment between him and Monica is what was needed to push their story along. Tate wasn’t given a lot of lines for this episode, which is kind of nice, and the dynamic between Kayce and Monica appears to be leveling out just a bit, as much as it can after the shocking loss of a child, to the point that it might actually appear that Monica could become a more interesting character at some point. In any case, the fact that Monica told her husband not to quit his job was a big bonus since it might not mean that she’s completely on par with the Dutton family, but it could mean that she’s learning to accept them as they are, not as she would have them. Plus, the fact that she’s there to support Kayce as well is another point in her favor. It might be time to eat crow concerning Monica, but if things keep going this way, it’ll be a deserved and pleasurable meal. 

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John’s run as the governor could come to an end by the time the season is over. 

That’s a guess, not really a prediction, but the manner in which John is attempting to fulfill the office he never wanted feels as though it could eventually fall in on him and remind John why wanting something and getting it are two very different things. There’s not much doubt that Dutton knows this, but at the same time, it feels as though he forgot just how tough the job was going to be. If he hasn’t let go of the governorship by the end of the season, it will be a mild surprise, but it’s likely that he’ll find himself ready and willing to toss it to just about anyone that’s going to preserve the state just to get back to his regular, everyday life. 

The Dutton family doesn’t feel destined to be a unified group. 

If the family had any intentions of remaining unified, this would have been written in back in the first season or two, when even then, they were fractured in ways that didn’t appear easy or even possible to fix. As it stands now, the Dutton family is doing what they can to stay together, but there are still plenty of hurdles to come when all is said and done. 

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