Yellowstone Season 4 Opener Recap

As bleak as the end of season 3 might have looked, and it appeared as though the Dutton’s were going down in a big way, season 4 stands, so far, as a testament to how tough and determined, they really are. In some cases, meaning Beth Dutton, it means that they’re spiteful and apt to attack first and ask questions later since the daughter of John Dutton has shown more than once that she can be every bit as forceful and even more vindictive than her father or brothers. But follow the events of season three, in which John Dutton was shot multiple times and left to die, Kayce was involved in a shootout in his office, and Beth’s office was blown up with her inside of it, one might have thought that the Duttons’ enemies had finally gotten what they wanted. The thing is, the Dutton’s are a lot tougher than that, and there were definite repercussions to be doled out when the smoke cleared. The fact that Beth walked of her office and asked a nearby onlooker for a cigarette is enough to realize that even when wounded she’s not going down that easily. 

Just so you know, there are going to be more spoilers coming, as the fortunate part is that Rip found John and managed to get him to the hospital, while Kayce, who’s a trained soldier and knows how to handle himself, cleared his office before going after the men that shot his father. Despite being shot himself, Kayce helped to eliminate the armed threat before being taken to the hospital as well. Even the ranch wasn’t safe as the company that sent their hired killers after the Dutton’s threatened the sanctity of the Duttons’ home and even burned Rip and Beth’s cabin down to cinders. That’s the type of action that kind of demands an equal if not greater reaction, which John appears willing and ready to deliver before he’s even fully healed. In the meantime, Thomas Rainwater’s right-hand man hears a loudmouth in the casino talking about the altercation with the Dutton’s, which prompts a brutal Q & A to see just how much of what he’s spouting is true and how much is false bravado. 

We can’t forget poor Jimmy either, since going back on his word and trying to get back into the rodeo circuit leaves him lying unconscious and injured yet again, to which John replies that he’s shipping Jimmy out even if he’s still bound to take care of him. The tragic thing about this is that Jimmy was kind of shamed into this by his girlfriend, who didn’t like the idea of the ranch hands being branded and believed that Jimmy should follow his own passion in life. It’s a hard decision to have to make, but it’s going to be a wonder if we Jimmy that often this season. He’s been a solid character, so it’s a big hope that he sticks around, but in terms of breaking one’s word to John Dutton, you don’t get many chances to make good, and eventually, there’s no coming back. Another person that might be learning this the hard way is Jamie Dutton, who is still a suspect when it comes to what happened to his family. 

His current course, standing against the Duttons with his less than savory biological father, feels like it’s going to come back to bite him since the man feels as though he doesn’t have much loyalty to anyone, which could explain Jamie’s persona in a big way. As much as some folks might want to argue, there are some traits that are backed by genetics and are hard to move beyond if they’re inherited. But there are a few clear notes in this story so far, and one of them is that Chief Thomas Rainwater doesn’t trust the chairwoman from Time Equities any more than he trusts those that work for her, and is able to see through her offer fairly easy, though he has yet to give a reply. He knows very well that if the company is willing to attack the Duttons in such a way that his people might be next. There are a lot of moving parts so far in the first two episodes of season 4, but thankfully everything is laid out in a way that makes it flow easily into the main story and allows those who have been watching to understand everything that’s happening. 

It’s hard to say that Roarke, the fly-fishing exec from Time Equities, deserved the end he was given, but it’s not something that a lot of fans are going to be too upset about since Rip was smart about it by using a rattlesnake that he flung at Roarke’s face. It’s interesting to think that something might be in store for Willa and the rest of the Time Equities individuals, especially since John is adamant that they need to clean house and kill them all. Season 4 is already shaping up to be a barn burner, and it’s fair to say that most of us that are up on the story are here for it. 

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