Xander Cage vs. Dom Toretto: Who Wins?

Xander Cage vs. Dom Toretto: Who Wins?

Xander Cage vs. Dom Toretto: Who Wins?

It’s a little difficult when pitting two different characters against each other when they’re portrayed by the same individual. But there are enough differences between Dominic Toretto and Xander Cage to predict a winner, even if it wouldn’t be a simple fight. The two men are more or less the type that don’t care about and don’t wish to follow the law, so the lawless factor is definitely there. Add onto that the fact that both of them typically have access to incredible machines and tools that can help them out in a pinch and the fight becomes even more interesting. But disregarding all that stuff is kind of necessary since it’s fair to say that Dom and Xander could one-up each other all day thanks to the incredible amount of plot armor that surrounds both men. They’ve both been turned into superheroes in a way since Dom is stronger than he should be, can take on opponents that should, by all rights, be able to crush him, and Xander has usually been able to get out of a fight using his wits and the numerous gadgets he’s been given to work with. 

Xander’s increased situational awareness is far better than Dom’s, so it’s fair to say that he would be able to come up with a plan or some manner by which to confound Dom since the driver is a straightforward fighter and doesn’t shy away from a brawl. This would give Dom a big edge on Xander since the adrenaline junkie turned spy would seek to find a way to turn the fight to his advantage. Dom would no doubt come straight ahead, which could allow Xander to come up with a plan that would bring Dom right to him. Thinking that Dom would be outmatched in this manner though would be a mistake, especially since Dom isn’t a moron and could possibly evade a trap or notice it before he was in trouble. 

A hand-to-hand fight between these two wouldn’t even be a contest since Dom has been seen to take on guys his size and bigger and dominate or at least show that he can punch above his weight and skill class. To be fair, Deckard Shaw and Hobbs should have been able to put Dom down, but as anyone knows, the angrier Dom gets, the thicker his plot armor gets. At some point, he can do just about anything the story needs him to do, just as Xander can, but in the strength department and when it comes to overall strength, Dom would take this fight in a big way. Xander’s only real chance would be to find a way to anger Dom so much that he would keep chasing him, and then come up with a trap that would be the end of Dom if such a thing is even possible at this moment. But all in all, Dom would take the fight since as I mentioned, he’s not a dummy, and while he does charge straight ahead most times, he’s capable of thinking about what he’s doing before blundering into one trap or another. 

There is at least one character that would make them both look like novices, and that’s Riddick. But then again, that fight wouldn’t be anywhere close to fair since Riddick could take them both out at once, and he could do so in the cover of night without either man knowing he was there before they were taken out. But with that flight of fancy mentioned, it’s not hard to tell that Dom has the greater experience when it comes to fighting, while Xander has his own natural gifts that might help him to survive if he kept moving and didn’t stop to throw hands with Dom. The moment he did that, he’d be done, and there wouldn’t be any witticisms that would save him from a serious beating. As some have pointed out though, these two are more alike than they are different, and it feels as though Dom might come to realize this, which means that he would likely welcome Xander into his extended family at some point, and would make peace with him. 

Whether that would be Xander’s speed or not is hard to say, but it’s definitely likely. These two men are very much alike in the fact that they love their freedom and would do anything to prevent it from being taken away. They’re also alike in that they were both recruited by government agents even after they spent a good deal of their time breaking the law, no matter what the reason might have been. It kind of makes a person wonder who else would ally with Cage and Dom once all was said and done. But the short answer is that Riddick would probably refuse on the basis of not wanting to get too close. 

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