10 Things You Didn’t Know about Isabelle Fuhrman

It’s funny how a career can get started since to tell the honest truth Isabelle Fuhrman got noticed by a casting director when she was she was waiting around for her older sister and decided to cast her in a show. Since then she’s been a person that seems to pop up in films and then kind of fade back for a while until a role comes out that she can fulfill and is given the chance to do so. She’s played some fairly good roles but only a few seem to have garnered much more attention than others and it seems as though she’s the kind of person that either likes to stay on the down low when it comes to her private life or perhaps hasn’t yet hit the peak of her career. In any case she’s a lot of fun to watch since she does have the necessary talent to make a character believable and is an engaging young actress.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She can play the guitar and sing.

This almost seems like it’s just a hobby since there hasn’t been a whole lot of talk about a musical career. Even if she did decide to make that decision it seems likely that she would stick with acting since she’s been established for a while.

9. She’s a big animal lover.

Animals tend to make us different people at times since we learn what it is to take care of another living being that’s not a human has different needs than our own. Plus it can make us take a step back and realize that caring for someone else is a very humbling experience.

8. She’s a big fan of the Hunger Games novels.

Isabelle even did a reading for the role of Katniss but obviously she didn’t get it. Like so many people she loves the books but there’s no word on whether she believes in how they were represented or, like many people, thinks that they went off track quite a bit.

7. She has a desire to play challenging roles.

There’s something inspiring about people that want to step out of their comfort zone and really accept the challenges that come their way when they ask for them. It takes a lot of guts to take on something that you know little to nothing about and really get into it enough to claim it as your own.

6. Her career started when she was 7.

Needless to say she’s been around for a while and has learned a few things, but then she was pretty good when she came in which is kind of impressive for a kid. Some people have the natural talent and others need to work at it.

5. She was in the movie Orphan.

This movie was kind of crazy since you don’t imagine a kid being able to be comprehend the consequences of her actions when doing the kinds of things that Esther did. But then you learn near the end of the film that she’s not a kid, she’s an adult that physically never grew up and therefore is able to outsmart a great many people thanks to the act she picked up. But really, how twisted would any adult have to be to start targeting kids despite looking like one?

4. She was in The Hunger Games.

Some of the tributes in this movie were just flat out nasty to others since they were raised and bred to survive the games. Katniss was way outmatched and would have met her end if not for another tribute since Clove had her dead to rights and could have ended her.

3. She’s on the Advisory Board of the Love & Art Kids Foundation.

She definitely believes in helping others out and caring for the welfare of kids. She’s been one of the many that has devoted her time and efforts to insuring that the arts don’t die out. That alone is pretty inspirational.

2. She was in Cell.

This movie was incredibly eye-opening since as unreal as it was the idea was still inherently creepy since if you think about how often people are on their phones and how much they miss out on throughout their lives by staring at a screen.

1. She had a brief voice role in Adventure Time.

She’s done other things in her career but some of them have been more noteworthy than others. She was in only one episode of this show but it was worth talking about at least for a brief mention.

Isabelle is one of those actors you’d love to see more of since it feels like she has more in the tank so to speak than she’s given as of yet. Keep an eye out for her, she’s bound to do something great.

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