X-Men: The Animated Series Revival Might Just Happen at Disney

X-Men: The Animated Series Revival Might Just Happen at Disney

A lot of fans are hoping that Disney will do right by the X-Men and bring them back in some way that will manage to impress everyone, but so far one of the best things that Disney could possibly do would be to bring back the animated version of the X-men that was so popular in the 90s. This was when Wolverine was still in his yellow and blue suit, Cyclops was still rocking the single shoulder strap, and Jubilee had a much bigger part in the whole thing. Gambit was there, so was Rogue, and the whole cartoon was just a joy to watch since it often featured some of the most popular X-Men, though of course, everything is going to be as G-rated as possible since one, it’s Disney, and two, it’s a cartoon, so the less bloodshed the better. Some people might disagree since the whole idea of mutants unloading their powers on people and Wolverine cutting people down is a good reason to start breaking out the crimson in a big way, but since this is for kids it will have to be toned down. Is anyone else laughing after that one considering everything that’s out there today? All in all, bringing the X-Men animated show back would be kind of cool since it was one of the many animated shows on TV that should have been kept around a little longer.

Right now it sounds like the best that has been done is a lot of talking and maneuvering, which is about the same as saying ‘absolutely nothing’. Maybe that’s too harsh, but Disney has a huge responsibility after having taken on the Fox properties that inherited after the purchase, and the quicker they can get this material out the better. Otherwise, it’s going to be evident that the Mouse House really doesn’t care that much about their fan base so long as that fan base decides to spend money on what they will give them. Oh yes, cynicism is very easy to come by these days when it comes to Disney, despite the fact that they do have a wealth of material that they’ve already pushed to Disney+. Maybe it has to do with the feeling that they’ve taken on more than they can really handle and for one reason or another don’t appear too keen on hiring those that might be able to push these ideas a little quicker. Of course, it’s easy to talk from behind a keyboard without knowing the whole process, but when there are plenty of us doing so and Disney still doesn’t pay attention, it’s hard to say that it’s a lack of understanding that keeps the lot of us from comprehending why Disney has yet to do as much as it can with the shows and movies that it could possibly be pushing in a big way.

It could also have something to do with the fact that after all that’s happened with the MCU, successful as it’s been, there’s a concern that Disney might mishandle the X-Men in a way that’s hard to forgive or forget. So far, with the rest of the MCU, Disney hasn’t really stumbled that much from a monetary standpoint since many upon many people that either don’t know that much about the comics or don’t care are more than willing to support every endeavor that continues to come out. But those of us that remember growing up with these heroes and villains have had something to say about it in a big way, even as we’ve paid the money to watch the movies and purchase the merchandise. The biggest statement really is that we’d like to see the X-Men given the same respect as the other MCU figures since at this point the MCU is one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood for a good reason, it’s been successful and it’s been driven by popular and effective actors that have brought out the best when it comes to Marvel comics, for the most part. There have been missteps of course, as this is bound to happen, but so far the MCU’s track record isn’t all that bad, and by introducing the X-Men it could get even better since including them into the mix could create a slew of other crossover movies and shows that people would be more than willing to watch since, despite the fact that their history isn’t perfect, the Avengers and the X-Men do have a history together. It could also be a way to bring the Hulk back to prominence since Wolverine and the Hulk have a longstanding history as well.

However, Disney decides to play this one though is going to be worth watching simply because the Mouse House is bound to take things into their hands in a way that people will have an issue with at some point. Hopefully, the animated series will be something that can prove us wrong.

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