Why Sentinel Deserves a Spinoff from Supergirl

Why Sentinel Deserves a Spinoff from Supergirl

Why Sentinel Deserves a Spinoff from Supergirl

Considering that Alex Danvers, aka Sentinel, has been building up to becoming a hero that will now take overseeing as how Supergirl has become firmly stuck in the Phantom Zone, it’s easy to think that she should be getting her own spinoff eventually to explore her own story and how it fits into the DC universe. It’s very possible that some fans might feel that she’s not quite ready for this, but it’s also possible that a lot of people would be intrigued to see what Sentinel could do on her own, or with help depending on who might show up in her series. It could even be a limited series to see how she might do, a test run of sorts that might be made to see how she does with the fans without anyone around to bail her out if she gets into trouble. Given the combat skills she possesses and the armament that she’s been given though it could be that she might be a very effective hero and could easily earn her own show if the story she was given was solid enough. As of now, it’s hard to say that any story wouldn’t be worthwhile simply because DC is pushing forward in a manner that feels as though it’s bound to keep introducing heroes to the mix and deal with them as they come along, either using them for a short amount of time before moving or trying to develop them to use in the days to come. Sentinel could be someone that might be a great boon to the franchise if she continues to develop in the same manner that she has been.

As one of the heroes that is an expert fighter, as so many of them are, and has awesome weaponry, again as so many of them do, it’s fair to say that she might be able to distinguish herself just enough to be worth building a series around so long as it’s different enough and engaging to the point that people won’t start comparing it to other series since like it or not, one way or another the hero stories start to sound the same after a while since a lot of them do follow roughly the same formula, whether it’s DC or Marvel. The connection to Martian Manhunter could be a huge boon since a lot of fans are more eager to see him, and he could be the ace in the hole that she needs whenever he’s around, but using him in such a manner does sound like it might not be such a wise idea. DC has been building up its live-action stable of characters for a little while now and it’s interesting to think that one day we might get to see a comprehensive movie, a crossover, or even a trilogy, that might bring a good number of people into the fray since it might be wise to finally create a widespread threat that might employ the use of multiple heroes that would be skilled in ways that would be useful to such a project. Heroes such as Sentinel might not be the first choice for such a movie, but giving her a series to see what she can do would at least be a step in the right direction.

It feels as though such a thing might be a long time in coming if ever arrives since DC is doing everything it can to not follow Marvel’s lead and to avoid doing what the MCU has done for years now. But at some point, it does feel as though the DC universe might have to come together for one reason or another in order to combat a massive threat that’s too great for any one hero. Such an event might actually be too much for Sentinel to really get into considering that she doesn’t have any powers of her own, but until we see her in a series of her own it’s not really known just what she can handle and what’s beyond her. Some would argue that we’ve already seen this in Supergirl, but it would be great to see what might happen all the same. The downside of trying to develop a spinoff series for her is that if it does tank then it manages to lose a lot of faith in the character and might be seen as a big setback. But if the series is successful then it becomes a big reason to keep moving forward and give her a little more to work with until her absolute limitations are reached. As of now, it would appear that she’s going to be doing her best to fight crime and find a way to free Kara, but if she ever does get her own series it might be interesting to watch.

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