WWE RAW Turns 25: The Five Greatest Moments of All-Time

WWE RAW Turns 25:  The Five Greatest Moments of All-Time

RAW is turning 25 this year and for the WWE this is a huge milestone that proves that it might very well be here to stay. Think about that, 25 years worth of talent come and gone, almost three decades worth of superstars that have climbed into the ring for the amusement and entertainment of millions, and two and a half decades of something unlike the world has ever seen and might not see again anytime soon. The WWE has long since become a worldwide phenomenon, but RAW has, all on its own, become something so epic that standing up and paying attention isn’t enough. You’ve got to actually hand to the brand that made the WWE a mainstay in pop culture all over the world.

Here are just a few of the greatest moments to ever make their way onto RAW.

5. The implosion of the Shield

Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns came in as one of the most dominant teams in the WWE and among the most vicious that anyone had ever seen. Now we know that a lot of tag teams and groups have come and gone, some just by necessity and others because it was scripted that they should split and go their own way. No one really expected the Hounds of Justice to be betrayed by one of their own, but thankfully this would spark off a feud between them that would further ignite Monday night and offer up a wide arrangement of matches and fights that would only make their story even more interesting.

4. The Nexus invasion

The Nexus invasion took out pretty much anyone that stood in their way, but they had a serious hate on for John Cena it looked like. It’s been rumored that Cena is too much like Hulk Hogan used to be, always keeping younger talent down and never letting them advance as he hogged the spotlight. But regardless of whether he says that he has all the respect in the world for those that hustle and fight their way forward, the Nexus weren’t about to allow Cena off the hook.

3. Daniel Bryan turns on Bray Wyatt

It was more than a little stunning when Daniel Bryan joined up with Bray Wyatt and his group. A lot of fans believed that he’d finally accepted what people were saying about him and had finally just gone with the inevitable route of conformity to save his own hide. But fans should have known better, largely because it’s scripted but also because the good guy tends to have a plan in mind when he goes along with the bad guy. And that plan became very clear when he refused to take Bray’s finishing move as punishment one night on RAW.

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Mike Tyson

Stone Cold was the reason a lot of people watched RAW since he was so commonly forward and wanted everyone to know just what he thought. That included Mike Tyson, who was still known a the baddest man on the planet back then. Stone Cold didn’t care, he wanted Tyson to know who he was and that he wasn’t scared of him in the least. Of course this led to a bit of sign language on Stone Cold’s part and a response from Tyson that was just about what you’d expect.

1. Corporate beer bath

Stuff like this has always made people question whether the show is scripted or not. Obviously it is because most people that doused their boss in beer would be fired in the next second. But in the WWE the only thing you can’t do is pull any of these stunts when it’s NOT scripted. Stone Cold got away with a lot during the show, including this memorable moment when he got to hose down his bosses and his fellow wrestler, the Rock, with a healthy dose of suds.

RAW is still going and it still should be for quite a while to come.

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