The Originals Season 2 Episode 3 Review: “Every Mother’s Son”

The Originals Season 2 Episode 3 Review: “Every Mother’s Son”

every mothers son

It wasn’t quite the full blown family reunion I was hoping for, but at least half of the Mikaelsons gathered together last night on The Originals.  As with every awkward family dinner on television, a shocking secret from the past was revealed.

Esther so kindly arranged for the dinner to be held at Klaus and Elijah’s home then made a fashionably late appearance.  Vincent was right on time and outed his true identity as Finn.  For some reason I always thought Elijah was the oldest child.  Finn’s accusations that Elijah was always jealous of him seemed to come out of nowhere.  I applaud the writers for still finding a way to put a new spin on a character we thought we understood.  That’s what they do best though, right?  Always keeping us on our toes with these little twists.

The most important reveal came from Klaus’ recollections of his childhood.  His mother made him a special necklace and ensured he would always wear it by telling him it would protect him.  Instead it only served to weaken him in fights with Mikael.  In his rage, Klaus accused Esther of being “the author of everything I am.”  Now that’s hard to believe.  Esther was only doing that to prevent him from triggering his werewolf curse for as long as she could.  She weirdly enough seemed like a good, caring mother in the flashbacks.

Maybe Esther always had the best intentions when it comes to her children.  She has the funniest ways of showing her affections though.  Even now when she presents her sons (and Hayley, an honorary member of the family) the chance to start fresh in a new body free of the vampire curse she inflicted on them, she comes off as intimidating.  She most definitely has a secret agenda in all this so Klaus and Elijah are right to be suspicious of her.  After all, her plan now is to threaten and torture them until they beg her for help.

Marcel continues to push Gia on to Elijah.  Elijah clearly has enough problems on his plate with his immediate family but Marcel is so insistent on making sure that, if the time comes, Elijah would side with the vampires.  Gia makes for the perfect candidate to win his allegiance because Marcel knows Elijah’s a sucker for the helpless.  I don’t quite know why Marcel is anticipating another supernatural war.  Sure, Klaus’ loyalty will always lie with the wolves but as long as Marcel and his new following stay on his good side then Klaus shouldn’t have a problem with them.  If anything, too many newbie vampires could stir up more trouble than there would have been otherwise.

For the first time I actually think this episode was pretty underwhelming.  Basically Esther swapped bodies (again) but now there’s the added bonus soul branding so that her sons can keep track of her.  Finn is still her loyal lap dog of a son.  The only interesting thing to come out of all this was that Hayley might really be considering taking Esther up on her offer of a fresh start at life.  Klaus’ line about not expecting their mother’s guard to drop just because he was “dressed like a bloody lawyer” saved the episode for me.  He may be an angry soul but he always has the funniest comebacks.

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