Workaholics 4.08 Review: “Beer Heist”

Workaholics 4.08 Review: “Beer Heist”


When the Workaholics episodes hit a streak of solid episodes, the shaping takes on a lather, rinse, repeat form that becomes pretty predictable, but generates funny plots for 21 minutes and is perfect for a weekly comedy.  The past two weeks of Workaholics have definitely been two of my favorite episodes from them; poking fun at the frat scene and then the birthday party clowns — which have both followed the same successful formula as this week where the guys get some ridiculous idea, having it come so close to working out, and then failing miserably and returning to where they started. They have nothing to lose, which is why their ridiculous antics are fun to watch, and why last night’s episode, “Beer Heist,” was another good (but not as great) addition to the show’s recent streak.

The guys hit up the beer store and end up running into some college freshmen who need to pick up alcohol for their dorm party pre-game, and ask the guys to buy it for them; however, Adam has the idea of saving the money and stealing the beer from a delivery truck that is in the parking lot.  The guys are a bunch of “super dangerous hornballs,” so this pretty much makes total sense.

The beer truck starts pulling away with Adam and Blake inside, but Ders follows in the car (with the girls) with hopes of being the saviors of the night. When realizing tossing one beer at a time won’t cut it, Adam jumps onto the car’s hood and starts catching full cases tossed by Blake, and handing them inside to Ders and the girls. After some swerving where he barely hangs on by the windshield wipers, Adam decides that two cases is enough, but the truck gets cut off and slams to a stop, sending Adam off the hood of Ders’ car and back into the beer truck, where he and Blake get taken all the way back to the distributor.

Blake wants to grab a wheel cart of cases, which would be more than enough beer for the party, but Adam insists on draining 106 gallons out of one of the beer vats. They get Karl to show up so that they can fill his tow along hot tub with beer, and it starts to work out. The girls are still disappointed they are missing their party, but Karl sweet talks them. Adam goes crazy in his horniness and tries to make the beer flow faster, but ends up building the hose’s pressure too high which causes the tube to start leaking. On top of that, the security guard has heard them and alerted the other rent-a-cops about the robbery.  They seem to capture Blake and Adam, but Ders and Karl show up to save the day by sending a forklift of kegs at them, but the guards are still able to catch Karl. The guys aren’t going to get away, or to the girls in time, unless they jump off of the roof. Blake finally musters up some horny powered courageousness and goes first, but each of them jumps and they all break a leg.

Just when the guys seem to have gotten in with the girls by achieving a Steve-O level of hot (is that even a good thing?), Karl jumps into the beer filled hot tub with a full diaper and ruins the entire night. The girls leave, and, like normal; the guys fall short after coming so close to reaching their goal. They didn’t get the girls, but at least during the next hot tub tour Ders is recognized as Bradley Cooper rather than Michael Cera, so at least not everything was a total waste…

The failure is why we all love Adam, Blake and Ders; the lengths that they go to in order to triumph at such short term in the moment goals is what keeps us laughing.  Personally, I love seeing them come full circle and finish the episode recreating the same scene that kicked things off.  Last week it all came back to pool basketball dunks with their makeshift slide; and this week, they were back in the front yard playing some improvised game while Karl returned to giving fake hot tub tours. It’s fun to watch, and always a good laugh. Although I didn’t think that “Beer Heist” was as great of a Workaholics episode compared to the previous two weeks, it was definitely another solid niche on their season 4 belt, and I hope episodes like this keep coming.

My Moments of the Night:

–          Ders is a whole ball or horns

–          According to Adam, chicks go rotten at 23

–          The funniest line of the night had to be Adam’s Limp Bizkit reference, yelling, “I do it all for the nookie” just before jumping off of the roof.

What did everyone think of last night’s Workaholics episode? Let me know what you did and didn’t like in the comments below!

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