Wonder Woman Origins Trailer Shows How The Girl Becomes Legend

In only three short months the world is going to get to see if the DC movie universe is capable of putting together not only a box office hit, but a movie that people will sincerely enjoy and talk positively about after they see it.  Up until now we’ve only gotten glimpses of Wonder Woman.  So far the hype has been excellent.  The latest movie poster was mesmerizing.  New clips keep emerging displaying Wonder Woman’s abilities and athletic moves.   But nothing has been more “emotional” than the latest Wonder Woman official origin trailer.

Gal Gadot wowed audiences by being the break-out star in Batman v Superman, and fans have been eager to see the heroine take center stage in a solo movie.   This latest trailer introduces us to the younger version of Diana, watching her grow in her strength and abilities over the years. The trailer’s definitely more focused on her personal journey, showing how she overcame the doubt imposed by others and learned to embrace her true destiny. Wonder Woman opens June 2.

Check out the trailer below:

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