The Witches Remake: Can Anne Hathaway Outshine Anjelica Huston?

The Witches Remake: Can Anne Hathaway Outshine Anjelica Huston?

The Witches Remake: Can Anne Hathaway Outshine Anjelica Huston?

Comparing the Old and the New: The Witches Remake

It’s time to see how the new version of The Witches stacks up against the original. Some people believe that Anne Hathaway might be a contender to outshine Anjelica Huston in this remake. However, comparing a movie from 1990 to one released in 2020 isn’t entirely fair, as the effects and techniques used in filmmaking have evolved significantly over the past three decades. From CGI to practical effects and even acting, a lot has changed. But when it comes to comparing Huston in her prime with Hathaway now, many people might still pick Huston, as she has been a phenomenal actress for so long and has few peers when it comes to playing wicked characters.

Anjelica Huston’s Unforgettable Villainous Performance

One might need to rewatch the original movie to remember just how insanely effective Huston is when it comes to playing a villain. The new movie seems to rely heavily on CGI, which can be a double-edged sword. While CGI can enhance a story when applied correctly, it can also become a crutch that the movie relies on to impress the audience. Practical effects, despite being time-consuming and requiring a lot of materials, are often preferred as they can look more realistic when done well. However, the effectiveness of practical effects versus CGI depends on individual preferences.

What to Expect from the New Adaptation

From the trailer, the new version of The Witches appears to be entertaining and could be a great new adaptation of the story. It offers a few differences, such as casting Octavia Spencer as the grandmother and former witch hunter, and Jahzir Kadeem Bruno as one of the young boys turned into a mouse by the witches. The change from using white actors to people of color for the roles of the grandmother and her grandson is interesting, and given Spencer’s acting prowess, there shouldn’t be any concerns. As long as the story remains roughly the same, it shouldn’t matter who’s heading up certain parts of the cast.

Can Anne Hathaway Outshine Anjelica Huston?

Comparing Hathaway to Huston is a difficult task, as each actor has their own unique style and reputation. When comparing the two, it’s almost like trying to compare a finely aged and superb wine to a popular party drink. Both have earned their admiration, but the latter still has a long way to go to be considered as legendary as the former. Ultimately, Hathaway is an incredibly talented actress with a successful career and numerous awards to her name, but she’s not Huston. The best she can do, which is still bound to be amazing, is to give Huston a run for her money.

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