Wisconsin School Administrators Make Backstreet Boys Parody for Snow Day

The school administrators in Wisconsin have come up with an interesting way to integrate the Backstreet Boys with an impending snow day for an amusing parody. All I can say after watching this is that I really hope that none of them are or were ever a part of the choir program, because quite honestly I had to lower the volume to protect my ears throughout the whole thing. That might seem a little mean but seriously it was a well-thought idea but less so of an execution. I get the idea of the administrators trying to appeal to the kids but even back in the day when the Backstreet Boys were still hot this might have gained more laughter than anything. At least that seems to be the point.

Can any of you remember your teachers, superintendents, or even school administrators doing stuff like this? It was fun and comical when we were little kids and even kind of funny when we got older but a lot of times it just seemed, well, for lack of a better word, sad. It’s always nice to know about a snow day since it means you get to be out of school and on your own time for at least  day. And if it comes next to a weekend that means that you’ve suddenly got three days in which to do your own thing and just hang out. But personally I was happy enough to see it announced on a newscast and might not have needed a music video about it. The idea is funny and the act is kind of innovative but I think just telling people that they have a snow day is about all that needs to be said.

I can already hear the disappointed moans and groans from here with people claiming “where’s the fun in that?” or calling me a party-pooper, buzzkill, or killjoy, or any other variety of names. If you enjoy it that’s great, there’s nothing else that needs to be said, but for the rest of us that think it’s a little silly we’re entitled to our opinion as well. Obviously the administrators put some work into this, but not too much since there was a credit to the cue card holder which means that the guys obviously didn’t memorize their lines quite that much. Try as they might I think the simulated dance moves and their lines might have been a tad too much without having cue cards on hand and ready to use.

Yeah, this gets points for creativity and originality but as far as style and any other matter goes it’s something I wouldn’t take to watching all that often unless you needed a good laugh, in which case it would be more than enough. These administrators at least put in the time and effort to make something they felt might be well-received and should at least be recognized for it. I just hope they don’t play this every time there’s a snow day.

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