Willow Series Struggles to Find Its Footing: Episode 3 Analysis

Willow Series Struggles to Find Its Footing: Episode 3 Analysis

As the Willow series progresses, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the story amidst the chaos. With the first two episodes leaving much to be desired, one might hope for a one-and-done series. However, it seems that people are still holding out for a green light on season two. Unlike other Disney+ shows like The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, which showed potential right away, Willow is struggling to make a case for itself. The series’ attempt to cater to the masses with a ‘woke’ approach is not doing it any favors, as the story suffers as a result.

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Kit’s Unlikable Character Hinders the Series

Kit’s attitude towards Boorman and her overall demeanor make her a difficult character to watch. Her arrogance and lack of humility are off-putting, and her inability to handle a possessed city guard highlights her unpreparedness for the world around her. If Kit begins to evolve into a more humble character, it could help improve the series.

Men Are Portrayed as Evil, Foolish, or Impediments

Boorman is one of the better characters in the series, as he stays true to himself despite Kit’s disdain. Willow, on the other hand, is arrogant and defensive, while Hubert is portrayed as a simp who is knowledgeable but not respected. The series seems to be pushing the narrative that the younger generation wants respect without having accomplished anything noteworthy, while the older generation is either defensive or dismissive.

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Poor Pacing Plagues Episode 3

The pacing in Episode 3 is all over the place, with Elora Danan’s capture and escape, the party’s search for her, and the eventual confrontation with possessed soldiers. The episode also features a split in the party, with Boorman and Kit going one way while Willow and the others go another, only to end up in the same place when the fighting starts. Willow’s use of magic is revealed, but it’s taxing and not always helpful. The episode concludes with the party overlooking the kingdom of Nockmaar, where the Crone plans to banish Elora Danan.

Seeing Past the Need to Humble Old Heroes Is Challenging

Other stories have gone down this road, with The Last Jedi turning Luke Skywalker into an estranged old hermit who wanted nothing to do with the galaxy he left behind. Willow follows a similar path, as he has left his past behind to focus on his role as High Aldwin. The series’ future is uncertain, especially if it continues down the path of woke storytelling.

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