Willow: The Battle of the Slaughtered Lamb-Recap

Willow Episode 3 Release Date & Time: Where To Watch It Online?

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With the first two episodes establishing that the Willow series is, well, not exactly a great look following the movie, it’s fair to think that it was only going to get worse and much easier to criticize. Trying to find the story in this mess is possible, but at the same time, it feels as though the show, or rather Disney, is going to double down and continue along the same path as the series goes along. Perhaps it’s not such a bad thing to hope that this will be a one-and-done series, but it does sound as though people are waiting to see the green light for season two. Unlike other Disney+ shows, though, it’s tough to make a case for this show at the moment. The Mandalorian and even The Book of Boba Fett showed that they had potential right away, and even She-Hulk might be worth a second season to see if the story can escape the wokeness that has become a large part of Disney’s repertoire. The fact is that there’s not much desire to see a woke version of anything, but since it’s trendy and Disney doesn’t want to fall behind the curve, it’s easy to see that they’re going to produce material that will cater to the masses in an attempt to show them that woke doesn’t mean broke. Unfortunately, the fact that the story suffers for this has so far escaped the Mouse House, or at least Disney acts as though it has. 

Willow Episode 3 Release Date & Time: Where To Watch It Online?

credit: Willow

Kit is a very unlikable character. 

It might be easier to watch this series if she were the only woman that was tough to watch since her attitude toward Boorman when he’s telling her a story of the cuirass that he and her father, Madmartigan, went in search of is simply horrible. She continues to act like a spoiled child that is more or less convinced that she’s perfectly ready for the world around her when in truth, squaring up against a possessed city guard becomes a challenge she can’t meet. To be fair, none of the others do that well either, though Boorman can at least stand his ground. But when Kit and Jade have a spat, it’s revealed that Jade was ordered to make friends with Kit to spar with her and possibly to keep her safe. Having her ego shattered in this manner might sound like it’s unnecessary, but sometimes one needs a serious slap to the senses to be reminded that the world is far tougher than it’ll ever be. If Kit begins to evolve into someone with an ounce of humility, it might help to bolster the series. 

Seriously, men appear to be evil, foolish, or just an impediment at this point. 

In a sense, Boorman is one of the better characters in this series thus far since he’s doing his own thing, even if Kit finds him boring and boorish, and the others simply accept that he is who he is. Willow is arrogant beyond belief and doesn’t appear to deserve this since it feels as though he’s holding back, while Hubert, who has actually been helpful, is little more than a simp who admits that he’s kind of useless but is able to reveal certain things, such as his ability to read and understand other languages and uses of magic. Even Willow snaps defensively at Hubert when it appears that he knows something that has escaped the High Aldwin, which makes it even more difficult to look past this nonsense and remember the movie and how Willow was at one time very much like Hubert. In a lot of ways, this series is showing that the younger generation wants to be respected without having accomplished anything that’s worthy of note, while the older generation is either highly defensive or simply bound to say ‘that’s cute’. 

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credit: Willow

The pacing is still horrible. 

So, Elora Danan is captured, the party figures it out eventually, and then they go in search of her. Suddenly, Elora is able to free herself and outrun three grown men on healthy horses as she wanders into a forest, where she meets two women that act like men (not very well) and are overpowered by the possessed soldiers after their false sense of bravado is shattered. Following that, there’s a brief period when the party splits up as Boorman and Kit head off in one direction while Willow and the others head in another and somehow come out at the same spot when the fighting gets started. And then, lo and behold, Willow shows that he does have magic, but that it’s extremely taxing and therefore isn’t going to be helpful at every moment. And as though to cap it off, the episode ends with the party overlooking the kingdom of Nockmaar, where Bavmorda once held power and where the Crone is now attempting to bring Elora Danan so that she can be banished. Out of breath yet? 

Trying to see past the need to humble old heroes is getting extremely tough. 

Other stories have gone down this road as well since The Last Jedi saw Luke Skywalker become an estranged old hermit who was still powerful but wanted nothing else to do with the galaxy he’d left behind. Willow is kind of the same way, since he’s kept the Nelwyns in awe of his position as High Aldwin but has essentially left the past behind in order to simply survive. At this point, trying to see any future for this show is kind of tough, especially if the woke nature of the script is how things are destined to continue. 

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