Could the Shows “Dear Black People” and “White-ish” Pull it Off?

As many of you know there’s a hit show on television by the name of Blackish. There’s also another show that aims to be way riskier and way more confrontational on Netflix called Dear White People which will be based on the 2014 movie of the same name. The 10-episode, half-hour series is centered around a group of black students at an Ivy League school, where race issues are swept under the rug, as they work out what race means to them and to their classmates.

Here’s the trailer:

So let’s bring up the elephant that’s in my room.  I completely understand the need for a show like this.  I understand the need for a show like Blackish.  I understand the need for race equality and the awareness that racism exists on a global scale.  What I don’t understand is what it’s like to be an African American.  I’m a Jewish guy but by all accounts white in the world as we know it.  So no, I can’t possibly put myself in the place of anyone other than myself.  But there’s one thing I think should be universal – humor.

So why can’t I make a show called “Dear Black People” that’s a satirical look at white people experiencing black culture?  Remember the scene in Office Space where Michael Bolton is blasting rap in his car, sees a black guy and completely lowers the volume?  Then when the black guy leaves he puts in up again?  Was anyone offended by that because that scene was hilarious.   Here, watch it:

Now, I ask all my African American friends out there.  Is this scene not hilarious?  Why not have an entire show based around this kind of satire?  I doubt a show called “White-ish” would ever play out well but I think you get my point.  If we can all just laugh then who the hell cares?  I think I’m probably asking way too much of people.  Wouldn’t it be great if whites could make fun of blacks and blacks make fun of whites and we just all “laugh because it’s so true?”  I mean wow.  The sensitivity out there is horrible.  It’s not as horrible as the actual racism but it’s still pretty annoying.

Sure I could go on and rant about this for pages but come on, you guys have to be with me on this right?

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