Will We Ever See Mayo Chiki on TV Again?

Will We Ever See Mayo Chiki on TV Again?

Will We Ever See Mayo Chiki on TV Again?

Mayo Chiki was an anime show that lasted for all of one season in 2011. It was about a young man who managed to get a nosebleed every time he was touched by a woman, which is kind of an odd premise but sounds like a mild setup to a sitcom that could possibly be pulled off if it had more to it. Judging by the trailer and the view of the episodes after there was more to it, but in true anime fashion it seems to go on and on and on and keep getting a bit crazier with each passing minute as more and more of the story becomes action and scantily-clad women. This seems to be a common staple for some anime shows since in many of them the big eyes, the trim bodies, and the gorgeous factor seem to be built in to attract as many people as they possibly can. Seeing this on the TV again however might be something of a pipe dream if it hasn’t happened yet.

It could or it couldn’t, as it all depends on how much the people in charge think people want to see it come back.

Some fans don’t think it deserves a second season.

If you look at the message boards and discussions that have been raised on whether Mayo Chiki should come back a lot of people have said absolutely not for a variety of reasons. When this many people say no it does seem to indicate that not enough fans really enjoyed it and the effort to bring it back would be one made in futility since the idea of bringing back a program that few if any people are going to watch is not only foolish, it’s the kind of thing that could disappoint a lot of fans and possibly get someone fired for daring to make the attempt. Fans don’t always know what they want but unfortunately when a lot of them band together and voice their displeasure for something it means that the something in question might have had some major issues in it that need to be fixed before that something can be allowed back. Of course studio execs are going to do what they think is right but if they’re wise then they tend to think it over before pushing something on the people that they just won’t watch.

It’s been a while since the end of the first season.

The first season was over in a matter of a few months back in 2011, and no one thought it was a good idea to even try to push it forward for a second season after that. This alone seems like a good indication that it wasn’t all that successful. Unfortunately for some anime the use of exposed young women and a lot of action doesn’t always work all that well. It’s something that grabs at the attention of young adolescent males but other than that it’s not much use as a plot device unlike, as this show exhibits, it is a part of the main character’s condition since he can’t even touch a beautiful woman without suffering a nosebleed. But apart from that the idea that showing as much cleavage and bare skin as possible is something that’s appealing for about an episode or two, and then it becomes so commonplace that it doesn’t work as it needs to any longer. That’s the problem with over-exposing anything or anyone, eventually it becomes too common and the thrill is gone. Plus the length of time that has been allowed to build up isn’t great but it’s more than enough that a lot of people have likely moved on and don’t even remember this anime any longer. There might be some diehard fans out there that want it back, but quite honestly they shouldn’t hold their breath.

There have been petitions to bring the show back.

Honestly the mention of the petitions found feels dusty and layered with metaphorical cobwebs since they obviously didn’t do the job they were meant to upon being written up and possibly signed. A petition to bring back a favorite show usually doesn’t turn out so well unless that show is loved by millions and millions of fans and the actors are still around. There’s no doubt that if the actors that portrayed the characters in this series are still around that they could possibly pick up the reins again, but the question isn’t whether they could, but instead if they would. After all just getting a petition in motion doesn’t mean that the execs are going to be bound by it. Those that are in charge of the shows don’t really answer to the fans, but they know better than to ignore them when the fans want something that’s a guaranteed winner.

Unfortunately, May Chiki doesn’t seem to fall into that category at the moment.

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