Will We Ever See Another Season of Seeking Sister Wife?

Will We Ever See Another Season of Seeking Sister Wife?

Will We Ever See Another Season of Seeking Sister Wife?

Over the years, TLC has given us some pretty interesting reality shows. In 2018, the network added another one to its arsenal with a series called Seeking Sister Wife. The show followed the lives of three families who were either already living a polyamorous lifestyle or interested in starting. Viewers watched as these non-traditional families went through ups and downs. While some of the cast members seemed genuinely excited about plural marriage, others seemed like they were being forced into it by their partners. Unfortunately, after three seasons, the show’s future appears to be up in the air. With season three ending in the summer of 2021, viewers are wondering whether or not a fourth season is in the works. Keep reading to find out if we’ll ever see another season of Seeking Sister Wife.

Has Seeking Sister Wife Been Canceled?

Sometimes, it can take a while for a network to decide whether or not they want to move forward with a show. At the moment, that appears to be the case for Seeking Sister Wife. The show has not yet been renewed for another season, but it also hasn’t been canceled. In fact, TLC hasn’t said anything about the show at all. Naturally, this had led lots of viewers to assume that the show will ultimately end up getting canceled. In all fairness, though, there were fairly long gaps in between the previous seasons so this doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

Abuse Allegations Involving The Snowdens

As far as we can tell, Seeking Sister Wife has been a fairly successful show for the network. If the show does end up getting canceled, it will probably have less to do with ratings and more to do with the fact that there have been serious issues involving some of the cast members. While the third season was airing, news broke that two of the show’s original stars, Dimitri and Ashley Snowden, had been accused of domestic abuse. News initially began to circulate while the third season was still airing when the Snowden’s ex-wife, Christeline Petersen, claimed that Dimitri and Ashley had physically and emotionally abused her. Petersen claimed that Dimitri got violent with her during sex and that he “enjoyed it” more when she struggled. This resulted in two of the Snowden’s other former sister wives adding to the accusations. Tayler Middleton, who joined the Snowden family at the same time as Christeline, also seemed to echo the claims made against Dimitri and Ashley. While Tayler didn’t outright accuse them of anything, she implied that she could relate to Christeline’s experience.

Vanessa Cobbs, who appeared on the show with the Snowdens during season two, also implied that her issues with the Snowdens were beyond the typical reasons for a relationship to end. Unfortunately for Dimitri and Ashley, the allegations didn’t stop there. Another woman, Ariadne Joseph, who had never appeared on the show, claimed that Dimitri raped her. According to The Sun, Adriadne said, “I woke up in the middle of the night to Dimitri straddled on my chest. This man was on my chest with his hands around my neck. Ashley was on the other end of the bed. It woke her up because I’m screaming for him to stop. He did not let up. I was trying not to fight him. I bit him. He yelled and he got up and he loosened the grip off my body and neck.” At the moment, it doesn’t appear that any criminal charges have been brought against Ashley or Dimitri. However, it does appear that the couple has gone their separate ways.

What Would Another Season of Seeking Sister Wife Look Like?

Abuse allegations of this magnitude are typically taken very seriously. If the show does come back, it seems unlikely that the Snowdens will be part of the cast. In the summer of 2021, the Winder family also revealed that they hadn’t been told whether or not the show would be getting a fourth season. Either way, however, they weren’t sure if they would be interested in returning. I have a strong feeling that if the show does come back, there will be an entirely new cast. Starting over with all new couples will give the series a clean slate and a chance to rebrand itself. Since plural marriages are a popular subject in the reality TV world, it seems a little unlikely that TLC will abandon the series altogether. At the end of the day, though, we’re all going to have to sit back and wait to see what happens.reality shows

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