Flintstones Sequel Series “Bedrock” is Being Developed at Fox

Flintstones Sequel Series “Bedrock” is Being Developed at Fox

Flintstones Sequel Series “Bedrock” is Being Developed at Fox

If anyone else is already wondering if this will be the project in which Elizabeth Banks sees a great deal of success then they’re not alone since even hearing her name these days is likely to divide a lot of people when it comes to the opinion of whether she’s worth following or not. Bedrock, the new show that is being developed by Fox, will feature Banks as an executive producer and as the voice of Pebbles Flinstone, who will be in her 20s during this project, which will mean that Fred and Barney are near retirement, and Wilma and Betty might be dealing with empty nest syndrome if that’s the direction that the show decides to take. So far there isn’t a lot known about the show other than it’s going to be set in the Bronze Age. Before people roll their eyes too hard it is obvious that more than 20 years separate the Stone Age from the Bronze Age, but keep in mind that it’s a cartoon, plain and simple. Facts, dates, and pretty much everything is allowed to be used in a very loose manner thanks to the fact that animation does take on a lot of different aspects of the world around it, and doesn’t have to conform to how history really played out. But showing the difference between the two generations is going to be fun no doubt since it will likely call upon the generation gap that we tend to experience in real life and will show how the animated series is being moved forward without, hopefully, destroying anything that people happened to enjoy when this series was still immensely popular.

What Pebbles will be doing and whether or not she’ll be with Bam-Bam is hard to say since this kind of idea has been tried before in the past and while it did manage to take off for a while, it faded out quickly when interest started to wane. It would be nice to say that every popular animated series has tried to move on over the years, but it would be kind of a lie since the truth is that a lot of series have been revived, rebooted, and even remade over the years as the attempt to regain interest in the various shows has kind of fizzled now and then. There’s nothing to say that Bedrock will do much better but there is a hope that it will ignite the imaginations of those that still love the story and the characters and will get people on board with the idea in order to maintain the kind of interest that the story is going to need to really thrive. It’s not an attempt to continually hammer away at Banks, but her last few outings haven’t all been that successful, so it does feel as though she’s due for a win this time around, if only because she is a talented woman. There’s no denying that she’s placed her support behind a couple of projects that were less than ideal over the years though, and for someone that does have the kind of talent that she does this is hard to imagine, but seeing is believing. It feels as though it would be more difficult to mess up anything related to the Flintstones, which could mean that Bedrock will be a hit since people happen to love the idea and are often more than willing to stop and pay attention for a little while.

Bringing back so many ideas from the past has been a popular trend as of late. Those that don’t think this is an idea from the past, don’t kid yourselves, it’s something that happened when a lot of us were still kids and were still convinced that The Flintstones was among the best of the many animated series in the world. But the act of trying to get more out of old ideas is something that a lot of people have taken to putting their faith in as they’ve been adamant about trying to reawaken the feelings that a lot of folks have for shows such as this. Whether it’s bound to be successful or not is hard to say at this time, but it’s a hope that people will get into it again and will be able to keep the show around for a while. Moving into the Bronze Age is an interesting decision, especially since it will force the series to move forward and do something new that could be intriguing and might very well make the cartoon last for a bit longer. One thing that’s clear though is the fact that a lot of viewers are bound to at least tune in to see what the show is all about if only to make certain whether they want to invest in it or not.

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