Will We Ever See a Horizon: Zero Dawn Movie?

Will We Ever See a Horizon: Zero Dawn Movie?

Will We Ever See a Horizon: Zero Dawn Movie?

The rise of the video game movies has been a tenuous and arduous one throughout the years since it’s also been hit and miss along the way with only a handful of attempts that have really panned out. Even with the advent of game-based movies such as Mortal Kombat and Sonic the Hedgehog a lot of people firmly believe that movies based on video games just don’t have a great enough track record to be marketable. Even proving them wrong at this point doesn’t quiet the most attentive critics. But with Horizon: Zero Dawn, there’s a well-defined story and possibility of a continuation since as it’s been rumored there are at least two more games that are expected to be in development, with the second having already been started upon the release of the first. The game itself is exceedingly simple to play but has varying levels of difficulty that would easily challenge even the most astute gamer as the creatures that exist within the game all have their own special qualities and different levels of toughness that are difficult to overcome. The main protagonist, the young Seeker named Aloy, is one of those that a lot of individuals might appreciate, naive in some ways of the world around her but tough and determined thanks to her training and her natural propensity for finding her way into, and out of trouble. As a game this story is easy to get into since it’s another post-apocalyptic tale in which humans have once again drawn the short end of the stick and are no longer the masters of the world around them. But it’s also a tale of revelation that a lot of individuals might enjoy since it does detail how humanity brought about its own downfall in a strange twist of fate.

As a movie this game would be amazing largely because it takes place so far in the future that the old trappings of mankind are hollowed-out, rusted pieces of the landscape that allude to an ancient culture that simply disappeared at one point. There are even items in the game that can be picked up that are given various names while their appearance makes it clear that they’re rather common items that we use today, such as watches and jewelry and a few other items. But the fact that the landscape is dominated mostly by the robotic creatures that vary in size from about the height of a pony to the size of a city bus or bigger would mean that a movie would need to be largely CGI as the practicality of making something so immense would force a budget to skyrocket in a big way. All the same, such a movie would be something new and innovative that would build upon old and very well-used ideas with a new spin on a robotic threat that was created by humanity. Think of Terminator crossed with The Birds in a way, but with a wider range of animals and set so far into the future that humanity has become tribal once again and has little to no real knowledge of the world that came before theirs. The world around them has been taken over by nature and inhabited by the machines that dig into the ground for biomass, which is what they subsist on, and harvesting these machines for parts is a big part of how the humans get by. 

The story line behind this game is amazing really and with so many side-quests it’s very easy to think that it could become a TV show as well as a movie considering that Aloy is a fun and very engaging character, and the world she inhabits is a place that might appear kind of familiar to those that have been around said areas, as the map details parts of Colorado, northern Arizona, Utah, and a small part of Montana. What’s great for the game as far as sequels go is that this means that there’s far more world to explore and, in terms of a movie or a series, this could open up into a very wide-ranging idea that would take Aloy further and further from Nora territory as she seeks to find out just what the ancients did and how far it extends, and eventually has to face Silens and Hades once again, as the end of the first game shows the two reuniting near one of the massive robots that look to be among the most dangerous. It’s not likely to happen soon since the second game is still either underway or getting ready to release at some point, but the idea is one that can easily be kept close and mulled over as time continues to roll on since there’s nothing but time at this point and a lot of ideas that have yet to reach fruition. 

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