All You Need To Know About Ice-T Daughter, Chanel Nicole Marrow

All You Need To Know About Ice-T Daughter, Chanel Nicole Marrow

Tracy Lauren Marrow, or Ice-T, as we all know him, is a famous American actor and songwriter. Ice-T is also a well-known producer. He began his struggle to establish a career for himself in the 1980s. Many people don’t know that Ice-T was an underground rapper. He released his first debut album in 1987 titled Rhyme Pays.

Ice-T and Coco Marie Austin got married in 2002. The two of them have been very happy together for 20 years. They have one child together and they both love her to the ends of the world. Although the two of them have been married for 20 years, they just recently had their daughter. Even though Ice-T has played many roles in his life, his favorite yet is playing the role of a real-life father. Let us discuss Ice-T’s daughter in more detail!

Ice-T’s Daughter’s Biography

After 13 years of marriage, Coco Austin and Ice-T were blessed with a baby girl. Two little feet and two little hands filled the couple’s life with absolute joy. The parents were overwhelmed by the arrival of their little angel Chanel Nicole Marrow.

All You Need To Know About Ice-T Daughter, Chanel Nicole Marrow

Credit: @babychanelnicole

Over the years, Channel Nicole Marrow has grown into a cute little combination of both her parents. She celebrates her birthday with her parents on 28th November 2015. As of today, she is 7 years old and her birthday is just around the corner!

Ice-T’s Daughter and Her Upbringing

Ice T and Coco Austin have received much backlash for their parenting style. Coco revealed in an interview that she still breastfed Ice T’s daughter until last year. Many people felt it was not right and bashed her for this decision, but he came out in her defense. Coco said that it is the personal decision of every parent about how they want to raise their children. She sees breastfeeding as a way of bonding with her daughter and claims that they both enjoy it.

All You Need To Know About Ice-T Daughter, Chanel Nicole Marrow

Credit: @babychanelnicole

Coco Austin and Ice-T have been the target of the wrath of netizens on multiple occasions. Last September (2021) Ice-T’s daughter was the hot topic again when her mother posted a picture of her wearing French tips for a picture day at school.

Ice-T’s Daughter Has Half Siblings

Yup! While Chanel Nicole Marrow is the first daughter of Ice-T and Coco Austin as a couple, Ice-T has other children from the past. Ice-T’s daughter has two other half-siblings from her father. An elder sister named Letesha Marrow and a brother called Tracy Marrow Jr. Letesha Marrow is the eldest of the siblings. She was born when Ice-T was 18 years old, in high school and dating his then-sweetheart Adrienne. Ice-T’s daughter is 45 years old and she is an actor, producer and a writer.

Fun Fact: Letesha Marrow also runs an OnlyFans account. 

Ice-T’s son is very similar to his father; born on 23rd November 1991, Tracy Marrow Jr followed in the footsteps of his father and joined Body Count, his father’s metal band.

Channel Nicole Marrow Is Basically Ice-T’s Twin!

Ice-T’s daughter Channel Nicole Marrow is the exact copy of her father. Ice-T and his daughter have very similar facial features. They even have matchingsmiles, too. Even social media users seem to agree with this statement. One user wrote on twitter, “Tell me you’re Ice T’s daughter, without actually telling me your Ice T’s daughter… #iceT”. 

All You Need To Know About Ice-T Daughter, Chanel Nicole Marrow

Credit: @babychanelnicole

Fun Fact: Ice-T and his daughter both have matching dimples!

Ice-T Daughter’s Career Debut

The 6-year-old has already launched her acting career. Ice-T’s daughter was only three years old when she appeared in a music video of her rapper father. Her mother Coco says that her daughter loves to perform, so she might choose acting as her career when she grows up. Her mother claimed to see her daughter’s love for the performing arts.

The Social Life Of Ice-T Daughter

Like all other star-kids, Chanel Nicole Marrow is also present on social media platforms. She likes to post her pictures on her Instagram to keep her fans updated. She has more than 447k followers on the platform.

Lesser Known Facts about Ice-T’s Daughter

  • Channel Nicole Marrow’s first appearance on the television screens was in 2016. She was just a few months old and was fast asleep in her mother’s arms.
  • Ever since she was a little baby, Channel Nicole Marrow listens to her mother Coco Austin sing “Part of Your World” to her.
  • Channel loves animals, horses to be more specific.
  • Ice-T’s daughter just recently became a first grader.
All You Need To Know About Ice-T Daughter, Chanel Nicole Marrow

Credit: @babychanelnicole

This is all there is to know about this loved child of Ice-T and Coco Austin. Tell us what you think of them in the comment section below.Tracy Lauren Marrow

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