Will The Super-Skrull Debut In Secret Invasion?

Will The Super-Skrull Debut In Secret Invasion?

Will The Super-Skrull Debut In Secret Invasion?

One of the most underrated Marvel villains that needs to debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon is the Super-Skrull. Given his race and where he comes from, he has had a long and personal enmity with the Fantastic Four. Speaking of which, those guys are supposed to be getting their own movie soon. Yes, Fox tried with them in the past, like twice, but we got to move on from those. Hopefully Marvel and Jon Watts realize the mistakes those films made and will avoid repeating them at all cost. They must, because Marvel’s first family seriously needs a win. I think they can pull it off, but I wonder who the main antagonist will be? The obvious go-to choice would be Doctor Doom, but Fox tried that twice with both films as well. For those who don’t remember, it didn’t as well as it should’ve. That’s unfortunate, but to be honest, I don’t think Doctor Doom should be the main antagonist of the MCU’s Fantastic Four movie. I’ve voted that Mole Man, a particularly lesser-known and overlooked Fantastic Four villain could take that spot. It would provide a new and unfamiliar character we can get to know more, while setting up Doctor Doom on the side. I think that’s a logical choice, especially since we’ve already seen Doctor Doom be the big bad in three Fantastic Four movies. But, I think many fans should keep in mind that the Fantastic Four has a lot of experience battling cosmic and alien villains. One of those villains is the Super-Skrull, one of the most powerful members of his race.

So why is he among the most powerful of the Skrulls? It’s the same reason I say his enmity with the Fantastic Four is a personal one. His powers include possessing all the abilities of each member of the team. That means he can stretch his body to incredible lengths, turn himself invisible and create force fields, control fire, and turn his fists into stone. Just imagine seeing one green alien with a outstretched hand, a flaming fist made of orange rock, and half of his body seemingly gone. That’s the Super-Skrull at his strongest and it has certainly given the Fantastic Four a run for their money. This is a villain the team does not take lightly. I would say Super-Skrull ranks among the top five most powerful Fantastic Four villains because of it. It’s because of that, we need to see him make his official live-action debut. Does it have to be in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie? Maybe, but I’m thinking about introducing him somewhere sooner and more low-key. We all know of the upcoming Secret Invasion series coming to Disney+ next year. It sounds like an exciting series because it’s based on an amazing Marvel Storyline, but who are the main villains of that storyline? That’s right, the sneaky, the green, and the very nasty Skrull aliens. With their ability to shapeshift into anyone upon sight, they make very dangerous foes. They hide in plain sight and will wait a very long time to execute their plans. They’re collected, they’re calculated, and masters of infiltration. With the case of the Super-Skrull, however, the art of infiltration and stealth are almost irrelevant to him. Who needs to use shapeshifting to hide when you have all the powers of the Fantastic Four team?

Now on paper, it does sounds strange to have the Super-Skrull debut before the Fantastic Four themselves. However, I predict that the main antagonist of the Secret Invasion series will be Veranke, the cunning queen of the Skrulls. So far, most of the Skrulls that we’ve seen in the MCU are misunderstood victims of the conquering Kree Empire. They’re not the scheming villains we’re used to seeing in the comics, at least not yet. I don’t think the MCU can have the Skrulls without them being bad guys. For us Marvel fans, it just doesn’t make sense, because they make great villains. On top of that, they’ve caused a lot of problems for the Avengers. I hope we’ll be seeing something like happen in the Secret Invasion series and it can start with the Super-Skrull. Now if the series wants to low-key set the stage for the arrival of the Fantastic Four, then they can have the Super-Skrull debut in the series and not have his powers. The series can introduce him as his regular Skrull name, Kl’rt, and develop his reputation as a decorated soldier under Queen Veranke. In the comics, he was handpicked by Skrull emperor Dorrek VII to be a test subject for an experiment that would grant him all the abilities of the Fantastic Four team. He was then sent to Earth with the orders of eliminating the Fantastic Four so the Skrulls could invade without their interference. As the new and improved Super-Skrull, he gave the team a tough fight, but in the end, he was defeated.

He’s a really cool character and he’d be the perfect physical foe for the team to face in the MCU. However, I think introducing him as his regular Skrull identity and having him build his loyalty to the Skrull Queen is the better move. And when the Fantastic Four do come around, then he’ll have earned his chance at gaining the powers of the team and fighting them. That’s the way of the Skrulls, at least in the comics. I still think there is some radical group of Skrulls out there in the MCU out for blood. Those are the ones that will give Nick Fury trouble in the Secret Invasion series. Their leader will likely be Veranke before she becomes queen and she’ll need some strong enforcers. That should be the beginning of the Super-Skrull and set up the stage for his inevitable battle with the Fantastic Four. Again, a villain with all of the powers of the team is one we need to see. Just imagine how cool he’ll look on screen.Fantastic Four

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