Will the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy be ‘Erased’?

Will the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy be ‘Erased’?

The moment that anyone hears that even a single movie in the Star Wars franchise they might either groan or jump for joy since the fact is that the Star Wars sequel trilogy was thought to be a general mess, especially when The Last Jedi came along. The discrepancies that have been talked about over and over, what should and shouldn’t have been allowed to happen, etc., have become a litany that many people have grown tired of over the past few years. Even talk of the trilogy being erased in order to start over has brought a great deal of eye-rolling since not only would this be a huge undertaking, but it would create a very serious need to sit back and reflect on how it could even be done, and WHAT would be done if Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau were allowed to come in and do things their way. There is a reason why a lot of people would be happy to see such a thing happen, and it’s not just the idea that the movies get better, it’s the belief that they WILL get better since Filoni and Favreau have already proven that they know how to take the Star Wars vibes and turn them into something that people will want watch. 

The Mandalorian and The Bad Batch are good examples of their skills and are both stories that have taken off the prequels in a way that still leaves a lot of questions that people want to be answered since they deal with events that happen between the prequels and after the initial trilogy. But the manner in which these questions are left is still great enough that a lot of people would gladly see Filoni and Favreau take over since their visions have proven to be extremely popular and would no doubt be something that a lot of people would want to support moving forward. Three names come to mind when thinking of what could happen with a new sequel trilogy, and those are Din Djarin, Grogu, and Luke Skywalker. 

It would be great to see The Mandalorian go as far as it could, and it would even be great to see Grogu and Luke Skywalker become focal points in a new trilogy that could perhaps take the franchise in a direction that people would want to see, and would gladly root for this time around. Erasing the current sequel trilogy would no doubt upset quite a few people, especially those that are clamoring for diversity in Star Wars and the inclusion that has been slow going but still visible despite the many different voices that would say otherwise. There’s nothing to say that Filoni and Favreau wouldn’t be inclusive in their collaboration, especially considering that The Mandalorian had plenty of different characters of color and gender that made the story work. As things stand now some folks love the ideas that the sequel trilogy brought about and others are adamant that Disney is doing everything it can to destroy the franchise. The overall issue is a tough one to speak on since there are moments when it would appear that Disney is mishandling Star Wars and moments when they appear to know what they’re doing. 

How many people would be cheering to hear that the current sequel trilogy was going to be scrubbed from canon to replace it? How many would think it’s a betrayal of what’s already been put on the big screen? You can bet that many upon many people would gladly petition to keep the trilogy as it is simply because it might be seen as attacking those that think that the story was making progress with the inclusion that is being practiced, and they wouldn’t be wrong to do so. But at the same time, the current idea of Star Wars feels like it might be deadlocked without any true direction that could lead forward. While the idea to start exploring the past is an exciting and prosperous one, there still doesn’t appear to be any definitive movement on any project as of yet. It could be that work is being done, but it’s being kept on the down-low. 

Feeling one way or another about the possible erasure of the sequel trilogy from the canon is something that might be kind of positive due to the idea that it could turn things around by creating a new trilogy that might take the story in a direction that people might enjoy a little better. Speaking up in the defense of the trilogy is going to happen since there were great moments and it was seen that the franchise was becoming more inclusive. But speaking up for the switch is also going to be something that will happen since a lot of people want the franchise to continue, not stall out because it painted itself into a corner. 

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