Clone Wars and Bad Batch Creator Dave Filoni Gets His Own Action Figure

Clone Wars and Bad Batch Creator Dave Filoni Gets His Own Action Figure

Clone Wars and Bad Batch Creator Dave Filoni Gets His Own Action Figure

It would be harder to state that this isn’t deserved than to believe that Star Wars veteran Dave Filoni has been given his own Star Wars action figure in the black series. To be certain, the figure isn’t being marketed under his name since the name of the character is Trapper Wolf, but the figure resembles Filoni too much for it to be a coincidence, and his cameo as the character kind of seals the deal. This is something that needed to happen obviously since Filoni has been a part of Star Wars for so long that such an honor is just one of the many things that he’s earned in his time with the franchise. The retail price for this collectible is going to be $29.99, which is a little spendy even for the black series, but it’s bound to be something that people will want to purchase for a collection since, like many other franchises, Star Wars has plenty of fans that simply HAVE to have anything that features this kind of relevance and is even a little bit historical to the brand.

It is a nice tribute to someone that’s been working so hard on the franchise for so long though, and now that Dave has become the Executive Creative Director it’s very easy to think that the future of Star Wars is looking a little brighter now since this is a guy that’s been immersed in it for so long. With all due respect to those that have been working on the sequel trilogy, it kind of fell way short of the bar that was set by the original trilogy since like it or not, the story didn’t feel as though it encompassed the saga in the best way. But now that Filoni has been working on The Mandalorian and has just wrapped The Book of Boba Fett, which will arrive in December, it’s fair to say that things should be hitting the high notes in a big way as we move forward.

One thing about this figure is that apart from honoring Filoni, it also gives a great face to the Rebels since one has to remember that they’re not all square-jawed, heavily-muscled superheroes that were capable of bench-pressing their weight or more. The Alliance was always made up of a hodgepodge of humans and other species that had specific skill sets that could help out the Alliance on a regular basis. This means that even if a person didn’t look like the stereotypical rogue or pilot they might still be uniquely skilled and therefore be said to have earned that distinction. This was one thing the Alliance was about, a certain lack of conformity, since many of their forces, even those who wore the same outfits, weren’t always in lockstep with one another. The thing is that they knew how to work together and how to bolster each other’s skills, but unlike the Empire, they didn’t really fall in line that often since they were made up of such a big range of individuals.

Dave Filoni probably makes a better Rebel than he does a member of the Empire, but it’s fair to say that if he was turned into a stormtrooper that people would still buy the figure. For special edition figures like this, there are a lot of people that are ready and willing to put their money down in order to get a piece of what could be history. In the meantime, watching what Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau have given us has been an absolute joy since it’s revived a lot of faith in the fans and has managed to keep people coming back for more. There are still plenty of questions as to what’s going to happen when it comes to The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian season 3, which probably won’t be arriving until 2022. There are so many different questions to answer that it’s difficult to even predict what direction the stories will go in, especially when it comes to The Mandalorian now that Grogu has gone with Luke Skywalker and Din has to deal with the fallout of the darksaber and what it will mean when facing Bo-Katan. There’s a battle coming, and it’s going to be intense without a doubt.

It’s easy to wonder if Dave is going to show up once again in either show since they both deal with the Republic at one point or another, but until that time we’re going to have to sit and guess and hope that Filoni and Favreau will bring us even more impressive stories. A lot of people no doubt figure that this is kind of a given since their track record is pretty good so far. But until we see more, it’s very easy to think that Dave deserves this.

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