Will We See Leonardo DiCaprio As The Joker?

Will We See Leonardo DiCaprio As The Joker?

Will We See Leonardo DiCaprio As The Joker?

The superhero genre isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and Hollywood is going to continue to capitalize on that success as much as possible. We suspect that they’re having fun making these superhero movies as much as we do. However, it gets more and more difficult to please the fans as the graphics get crazier and story lines get better with each movie. Hollywood knows this all too well, and they’re ready to take us up on the challenge of finding the next great superhero character. Warner Bros., on the other hand, is taking a completely different route for their next project. They’re taking a completely different approach in making a movie that’s all about one of the genres best and worst villain: The Joker.

This is quite a big task that needs a big enough actor to fill the role. In previous years, we’ve seen some pretty impressive Joker performances from the likes of Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, and even the most recent one with Jared Leto. However, rumor has it that Warner Bros. has their eyes set on an unlikely actor to play a superhero role. Can we ever picture Leonardo DiCaprio dressed in purple and green as Batman’s ultimate nemesis? Perhaps no, but we really aren’t going to have to.

Warner Bros. is taking the story of The Joker as a young man on a steady path to becoming Gotham City’s biggest gangster. We’re not entirely sure what story line the studio is planning to follow, but we can definitely imagine what they might be visualizing the film to be, as they brought on DiCaprio’s long-time director collaborator, Martin Scorsese. Scorsese will not be directing, however, but rather producing. The studio is crossing its fingers that with Scorsese signed on as producer, DiCaprio might be a little bit more open to the idea. We can already picture a Gangs of New York-type movie with Gotham as the setting, DiCaprio as sinister he could possibly be, without any bats to contend with just as yet.

Will we really see DiCaprio as the mad criminal? There are no definitive answers for now. Scorsese has not officially signed on to the project yet, and DiCaprio hasn’t been offered the part yet either. We can imagine the parties involved to be in talks and the story of the villain still under tight scrutiny. Warner Bros. is putting the pressure on itself to create a film that can mirror the success of “The Dark Knight” franchise. It will be really interesting to see a feature that’s all about the life of a supervillain. Throughout the last few years of Hollywood’s superhero craze, we don’t think we’ve ever encountered a full feature about a villain yet. If Warner Bros. can pull this off, they’ll have a plethora of superhero and supervillain story arcs to work with.

Once both actor and producer’s roles in the movie have been confirmed, we’ll still have at least a couple of years before we can even see a film. We’re hoping that when we get to that point, we’ll have a Joker picture to look at, at least.

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