10 Things You Didn’t Know about Meka Jones

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Meka Jones

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Meka Jones

There’s some sort of epidemic surrounding the show “Married at First Sight,” and it’s amazing how many people are willing to tune in and watch people throw their lives away marrying someone they don’t even know. There’s so much going on right now that doesn’t make any sense, but we get that this is nothing short of pure entertainment. These are people who are not lucky in love at home, so they go onto a television show to marry someone they just met. Actually, that’s not even true. They go onto this show to meet their new spouse at the altar, as in they don’t even meet until they are in their wedding day clothes and at the end of the aisle. Meka Jones is one of the women who recently married the man she was hoping would be the man of her dreams, but it turns out — he is not.

1. Her Given Name is Not Meka

She was not born Meka Jones. She recently legally changed her name, but we don’t actually know why. She didn’t like it? She wasn’t happy with it? It was too hard to pronounce? We can only speculate, but her given name was Kwaneja Jones, and it didn’t work for her in some capacity. She filed a legal name change that went into effect in January 2020.

2. She Likes Rules

One thing fans noticed right away is that she is a fan of rules. She put them into place in her new marriage almost immediately after the wedding was over, and her new husband did not seem to be a big fan of those rules. We cannot say we are shocked that things did not work out for them in their own marriage. They lasted all of a month and a half.

3. They Never Consummated Their Marriage

One of the issues in their new marriage is that Meka Jones’ new husband told her that he needed them to consummate their new marriage within days of it happening, which is something he denies saying. However, she was not comfortable with that, and they did not. He filed that information in his annulment request, and she’s been dealing with that very personal bit of information in the press as a result. It seems like a private matter they should not have to publicly discuss.

4. She’s Got an Interesting Background

She is only 25, so we aren’t entirely sure why she felt that she was so ready for love that she had to get married to a stranger, but she did have an interesting background. She is the oldest of five kids, and her parent is a single parent. We imagine this made it so that Meka had to grow up faster than most people her age to help her parent out with the younger kids. It is a heavy burden to bear on children who were simply born first.

5. She’s Taking the Lessons

She’s not just looking at this situation like a failed attempt at marriage. She’s looking at it like a learning curve for her future. She took all the things she learned from her past relationships and tried to apply those to her new marriage, and she will continue to do the same from now on. She will live, learn, and try to do better later.

6. She Seemed Uncomfortable from the Start

Perhaps her gut instinct was telling her from the start this was wrong. Her dress was too big. She was worried that the man she was about to meet and marry would get what she called a “peep show,” which is not something you should worry about on your wedding day. And she was a nervous wreck who did not seem like she could do this the day of her wedding. It doesn’t seem like things are going well for her at all.

7. Her Friends and Family Were There for Her

The great news is that her friends and her family were there for her on her big day. Many people are not, and that is hard on the people who come onto this show. She was someone who had hers there, and that was helpful. They seemed to support her, and that seems to have made little to no difference in the outcome of things for her.

8. Her Family Wasn’t Sure

There was a lot going on the day after their wedding, including the family brunch where they all got to meet her new man up close and personal for the first time. Things didn’t go well for them in that moment, because he did not make a good first impression. He told his new in-laws he has a history of being emotionally unfaithful, that he put himself in situations he didn’t want to be in, and they seemed a little uncomfortable by the entire thing.

9. She’s Not Trusting

We don’t know if it is her past relationship issues that make her this way or not, but she seems like she’s not trusting of her man. She was unhappy when he said he was taking the offer of being the principal at a private school and then immediately changed his mind, and she did not fee that his arguments were honest. Rather than hearing him out and working with him, she found that she doubted every single thing that he was saying to her and didn’t believe anything that was coming out of his mouth.

10. She’s Strong

She’s a woman from Baltimore who is career-driven and oriented, and she’s about taking care of herself and those she loves. She has not always had it easy in life, and that is all right. But, she’s someone who is doing all she can to change her own future, and that makes her strong and capable. She’s happy about that, and she will continue to work hard in her life to be the best of the best without questioning her own abilities and sacrificing her morals.

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