My Impression of that Comedian Doing His Impression of Nicolas Cage on Conan

I’ve decided to add yet another segment to this website.  It’s my “impressions” segment.  While I wouldn’t consider myself a great impressionist I do think that I can do a decent job of impersonating impersonators.   So from time to time I may very well decide to put up a video of myself either doing an impression of someone or I might re-enact a movie line that is somewhat obscure but that I like.  This week we’re going to start off light.   While it’s common knowledge that Simon Helberg does a pretty mean Nicolas Cage impression, many of us have seen the one Nicolas Cage impression to rule them all.

It was from a comedian who appeared on Conan on TBS and I’m pretty sure we’ve never seen this guy again.  But I have to say it was one of the best impressions I’ve ever seen of someone who’s not that easy to impersonate.  Anyway, if you’ve never seen it or are blocking it how, here’s that famous Nicolas Cage impression that’s pretty much known as one of the best impressions ever.

I’ve decided to do an impression of that impression without all the stupid body movements.

Here’s my impression of that impression.


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