Why Wong Should be Given a Solo Movie/TV Series

The Doctor Strange movie was one of those that openly challenged Marvel fans and what they think, or what they know, or what they think they know, about the Marvel universe, and in doing so they were given a Sorcerer Supreme that was destined to become one of the greatest of his time. But one of the people that predated Strange when it came to the use of magic and a place in the Marvel universe is also one of those that gets overlooked from time to time. Maybe it’s because he was pushed as a librarian of the mystical arts initially, or maybe it’s because he doesn’t really need an introduction all the time, but Wong is one of those characters that people can’t help but like even if he’s not always in the spotlight. It could be that this is why people like him since unlike other heroes he’s not the type that’s always needing to be front and center when it comes to doing his job. Wong was presented as a rather serious individual to start with and appeared to be more stoic than people were ready for since he didn’t end up cracking a smile until the end of the first Doctor Strange movie. But now that people have gotten used to him it almost feels as though he’s being relegated to the role of a sidekick with relative ease. 

There’s no doubt that he’ll be in the next Doctor Strange movie since he survived the first one and was brought back in Endgame, but one kind of has to think that he’s still going to be the sidekick as he’s been so far, but perhaps a solo TV series would be a good way to show just who Wong is and how he came to his position long before Doctor Strange arrived. The story of Wong is one that goes back a ways since he’s had to train with the Ancient One to attain his position and as a result, he’s far more skilled than he gets credit for in the MCU. To be honest he does manage to do a few very impressive things in the movies since he did help Strange fight Ebony Maw before he was taken down by a pressurized jet of water from a nearby fire hydrant. He also managed to use his sling ring to chop off Cull Obsidian’s hand and forearm, and during the final battle in Endgame he was instrumental in helping to bring everyone to the battlefield, and he was impressive as he created a massive shield once Sanctuary II opened fire on the battlefield in a nondiscriminatory manner. In short, Wong is the kind of guy that’s a lot more powerful than he’s allowed to be at times, but he’ll be allowed to show the kind of force he can bring when it’s absolutely necessary. 

That’s one reason why giving this guy a solo series would be great since it would be a chance to let him showcase what he can do, and how he managed to gain access to this kind of power. As one of the most skilled sorcerers in the Marvel universe, he’s still not quite on par with a few of those that are capable of the truly magnificent feats that some magic-users have been able to achieve, in fact, he doesn’t even make the list of the most powerful magic users. This isn’t too surprising since in the comics he doesn’t have quite the same access to magic as he does in the MCU, making him one more character that’s been given an increase in power as well as station since in the first Doctor Strange movie he did have some control over the library, at least until Strange started to figure out how to get around him. Wong is an interesting character since he has a history that a lot of people don’t know, and it would be interesting to see how things kicked off and why he’s so bound to the Ancient One and then to Doctor Strange. Given how many ideas there are for other noted figures in the MCU it’s fair to think that creating a show focused on Wong would be of some interest, even if it turned out to be a limited series. At the very least it would probably open up a bit more of the story of what things were like before Strange showed up, and how Wong fits into the MCU in his own way. 

There are so many stories still coming that it’s hard to say if such a thing will ever cross the minds of those in charge, but as of now, it does feel as though Wong could be given his own story and fans might find it interesting enough to watch. 

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