Why We’re Checking Out Guy Ritchie’s New Movie “The Gentlemen”

The Gentlemen

There is something about a Guy Ritchie movie and gratuitous violence that just seems to work out since no matter if it’s good or not it simply works and it works in a way that you didn’t expect. He definitely has access to some of the most popular names in the business and he seems to use them to great or odd extent since if you remember Snatch, which this trailer made me think of somehow, there were quite a few popular actors that played convincing but sometimes odd parts. So far this movie looks like it might be worth a watch largely because of the cast and also because it does seem that there’s going to be enough action and intrigue that it could turn out to be quite interesting. One thing about Ritchie is that he definitely likes to use English actors whenever he can and there’s going to be no shortage in this movie. But there will obviously be other actors that will be used to round out the feel and look of it, and so far it does seem as though it might be another Matthew McConaughey movie that will be the likes of which people like to see, meaning that he’ll be nice and laid back until it’s time for him to get a bit aggressive.

Plus, one of the main issues seems to be that two rivals will be seeking to establish just who has the power on the streets and who’s bound to remain second best. Randall Colburn of AV Club seems like he might have meltdown over the name of the movie since it’s been changed, but he does seem hopeful that it might be worthwhile. That kind of movie usually seems to pull in a crowd at the very least if not an entire legion of audience members who want to see what all the hubbub is about. The fact that we’ll get to see McConaughey and Charlie Hunnam in the same movie, along with Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell, and a slew of other famous names, is just icing on the cake at the moment. One could say that the title of the movie is kind of a quip made by Ritchie to get people thinking, which is what he seems to enjoy doing anyway. It’s true of a few of his movies to be honest since if you’ve ever watched what he puts out it does require a bit of thought and attention to really get into it and understand what’s going on, otherwise if you just step into the movie you might understand the moment you’re in well enough, but trying to connect it to the rest of the movie will prove to be a bit of a task. Some are fairly easy to figure out from just a few key moments here and there but others will no doubt task a person when it comes to deciphering just who is important and who is more of a fringe character.

At the moment it would appear that Grant, Hunnam, and McConaughey are central characters in the movie and will drive it for most of the way. When you factor in the other famous names however it’s going to be easy to wonder just how they connect and where we’ll see them the most or if they’ll show up for a couple of scenes and then just gradually fade out or be taken out. The idea that it will focus on the drug trade is kind of interesting since in crime movies it seems that Ritchie has really kind of avoided this subject in the past or just hasn’t thought to do it since if you’ll remember Snatch had to do with underground boxing matches, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels had to do with a card game gone wrong, and even the Sherlock Holmes movies were more about procedure and deduction than anything else. In short, this seems like a movie that is bent on putting up a drug kingpin that’s charming, suave, and yet willing to go megaton when and if he has to, and McConaughey is definitely the man that can fit such a role.

Thus far the movie looks like it could be a good one and even if it doesn’t happen to fire on all cylinders or even gain the type of hype that other movies tend to, it’s still worth going to see it since the cast is a huge draw and a lot of them are proven to be quite skilled no matter what movie they’re in. Okay, so Charlie Hunnam hasn’t exactly gained a lot of trust after Sons of Anarchy, but he’s still worth watching since he’s got the kind of talent that people like to see since he’s calm and composed and like McConaughey can go absolutely nuts when the time calls for it. Overall this seems like a movie to plan watching during a day off or simply when you get the time and want to try something new.

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