The Five Best Matthew McConaughey Performances in Movies

Well alright alright, this is one guy that you can’t get enough of sometimes since he happens to be one of the smoothest characters in show business and has no problem settling into a role that demands a lot but grants a lot when it’s all said and done. Matthew McConaughey is one of those actors that it’s hard not to like since he seems to get it to the degree that he simply vibes with everyone around him, or makes it possible for them to vibe with him. He’s such a cool character that not liking him is akin to not liking something that’s comfortable, easy to get along with, and won’t do anything offensive that might bruise a person’s sensibilities to the point that they simply can’t take it. Of course there are those people, but nearly everything he’s done to this point has pleased a large number of people.

Here are some of his best performances, feel free to comment with your own if any get missed.

5. Dallas Buyer’s Club

Anyone that’s ever tried to get the kind of medications they need but either can’t afford them or can’t get their doctor to prescribe them might understand this movie just fine. While it’s considered highly illegal to do what was done in this film it still makes more sense to get people the kind of treatment they actually need at a price that’s easily affordable. Ever notice how pharmaceuticals are so outrageously overpriced that you almost have to refinance your home just to get a month’s prescription? In this film that problem was taken care of pretty easily save for the fact that big Pharma doesn’t like sharing the profits or being undercut by a cheaper supplier.

4. Dazed and Confused

His character is a little more disturbing in this film since quite honestly he’s an older guy wooing high school girls that don’t know any better than to think that he’s hot and that’s that. It’s a film that shows the sign of the times after all and one that people quail at right now since the sensibilities of America have been dialed up to an 11 and don’t show any sign of coming back down any time soon. Is it creepy for a guy that age to hit on high school girls? Well hell yes it is, but if we go around destroying the films we grew up loving then soon enough a lot of our cinematic culture is going to end up in the garbage.

3. A Time to Kill

Race should never be an issue when it comes to someone harming a child since a real father of any color, race, or creed would likely at least think of ways to punish those that had assaulted his child in such a manner. A lot might never do anything for fear of the law, but if the law wasn’t bound to do anything about it for lack of witnesses then a lot of fathers might change their tune pretty quickly. But stuck in a position of defending a man that sought revenge for his daughter and has little to no faith in white people and angering other white people by defending him, McConaughey’s character in this film takes the high road and does his job, while opening the eyes of many a person in the courtroom.

2. The Lincoln Lawyer

McConaughey is certainly fond of playing men in suits and does seem to enjoy being in places of authority, but his charm seems to negate the seriousness of a lot of it until it’s time to pick it up. In this film he’s playing a lawyer that has the job of defending someone that he increasingly thinks might be guilty of a crime that another man has already been accused of, and as the story goes on he becomes certain that the man he’s defending is the killer that got away with murder to begin with. Of course the ending of the story is great since just before it comes around he gets his payback on the young man by allowing his biker clients to give the young man a one-way trip to the ICU.

1. Reign of Fire

I have to be honest and say that this wasn’t a very well-received movie despite the love affair that a lot of fans have with dragon movies. The idea was pretty cool, the follow-through was alright, but the introduction of McConaughey’s character was epic. He was the kind of grizzled soldier that didn’t play well with others and saw a goal through to the end as much as he could. His death scene left a little to be desired but it really couldn’t have been any other way since it would have been kind of cheesy. The cry of “C’mon big boy!” moments before he met his end was something that might very well be etched into the minds of many a fan.

Well alright alright.

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