Why We’ll Be Watching ‘Wolf’

If the goal is to freak people out, then Wolf is going to be reaching for that goal in a very strange but compelling way. As it can already be seen in the trailer, this movie is going to be something different that has likely happened in one way or another before, but hasn’t been seen so often that people will be able to say ‘oh, that’s old hat’. For those of you that might not recognize that saying, it means it’s been done before, it’s tired, etc. But this movie already looks like something that’s bound to challenge the beliefs of some folks and come off as little more than an odd but slightly more revealing look at something called species dysphoria, which is apparently a real condition in which people believe that they are an animal reincarnated into human form. The studies on this are bound to be thought of as ridiculous by a lot of people, but the fact is that the condition does exist and that there are people who believe that they are animals in a human’s body, which is bound to be extremely confusing to a lot of people.

There’s no doubt that the condition will be explained at least in part during the movie, but it’s kind of hopeful that it won’t be overdone in such a way that the overall suspense of it all will be dimmed in any way. Lily-Rose Depp is one of the stars of this movie and plays the part of a young woman who believes that she’s a wildcat in human form who falls in love with the main character, who believes he’s a wolf. Her narration throughout the trailer makes it clear that there’s bound to be some strange, ethereal quality to the movie that’s bound to feed into the idea of a strange balance being kept between sanity and madness, which will teeter as it would appear since the ‘zoo’ where those with this condition are kept and the ‘zookeeper’ isn’t likely to keep their charges completely caged and it’s bound to happen that they won’t help everyone. 

Wolf is definitely an odd-looking movie, but it’s not the strangest thing to come along in a while since looking at everything that’s been pushed forward in the past several years it’s definitely up there with several odd movies, but it’s still a suspense thriller that’s bound to be seen as something interesting and not much else. There’s not much doubt that it’s going to be considered as an intriguing and worthwhile movie, since the idea of species dysphoria is something that a lot of people probably don’t understand that well since it’s not highlighted as much as many other conditions that human beings have to deal with on a constant basis. But what is easy to think is that it will turn out to be a movie that people might talk about for a little while before letting it slip to the back of the bus so to speak, since like it or not, any movie that people can’t firmly understand, quote, or otherwise rally around is headed only one place if it can’t prove that it’s worth following up on, and that’s to the archives once all is said and done. 

That is a bit cynical, but it’s the truth since whether people want to admit it or not, since while Wolf does look like an interesting movie, it also looks like one that might be considered an oddity to be watched, then put away until someone thinks to bring it out and dust it off again for another viewing. It’s a big hope that this won’t happen, that people will be talking about Wolf for longer than it takes to watch the movie and then forget it, but anticipating what usually happens isn’t a bad idea. For one reason or another, movies that are based on subjects that people don’t always think about or don’t have any knowledge of can be shuffled away simply because people don’t fully grasp what they’re looking at, and therefore have little to no basis going into the movie, which means they’ll watch, but if it doesn’t make sense they might brush it off very quickly. Some folks don’t like dipping more than a toe into the unknown. 

The reason we’ll be watching this is that it IS unknown and as a result, it already sounds like something that could prove to be quite interesting, not to mention a little odd. Species dysphoria is definitely something that people might want to look up before taking on this movie if only to have at least some knowledge of the condition. The trailer might actually show a little too much, but we’ll have to wait and see if that’s the case, or if there’s a lot more to see. 

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