Why We’d Like to See the Show “Ice Fantasy” Back on the Air

Why We’d Like to See the Show “Ice Fantasy” Back on the Air

Anytime there’s a show or a movie featuring ice and fire going against one another it’s actually pretty alluring. When those two elements are given over to intelligent and familiar beings it gets even better since you should be able to smell the idea of a fantasy story coming on. For those that are more practical-minded the fantasy aspect of these elements might not mesh as much, but those that use their imagination to the fullest should at least be able to agree that keeping a show like Ice Fantasy around could be beneficial since it would include the idea of a new show that could captivate viewers and herald a new favorite among Netflix shows. One thing Netflix doesn’t seem to do is disappoint people when it comes to bringing out new shows and new movies to watch that might be highly enticing.

Ice Fantasy could possibly use a new and more provocative title, but so far it seems like wanting it back shouldn’t be questioned.

The story has so many different ways it can go.

Fire and ice don’t have to be limited to one story or to one way of going at one another. There are literally so many different ways this kind of tale can be spun out and a number of them that could be used for additional seasons. For whatever reason the show was not picked up again after 2016 but after watching it a lot of fans have been doing whatever they can to make it known that their interest is still there if Netflix would just bring it back. There is a lot to consider as far as the props, the settings, and the actors go, but the story itself shouldn’t be to hard to come up with. In some ways it almost feels as though the writers are being asked to come up with one idea at a time and then branch off of it for an untold number of days without exploring other ideas at the same time. There are just too many ideas to not say yes to another season of this show.

The number of props and their use is just amazing.

Most of this show was special effects and CGI since let’s be honest there’s no real way to make fire and ice do the things you see in the show without seriously breaking the laws of physics. And if you’ve seen Event Horizon, breaking the laws of physics does not seem like a great idea. Anyway, it took around 100 craftsmen to make the thousands of props that were used in this epic story and as a rule that means more jobs since all of those craftsmen would need their assistants and their workers to help them out. Bringing back this series would mean more people employed as well as more props that might amaze the viewers and keep their attention glued to the program for even longer. This would obviously work out to more people watching and more people talking about the show as well. It’s hopeful at least.

Netflix shows are a dime a dozen it seems but this one is one of those rare gems.

It’s very easy to become a little bored or overwhelmed with all the shows that Netflix is bringing out but now and again there are those that really hit the mark and are worth keeping as well as bringing back. Ice Fantasy could use a new name but overall it’s been one of the joys of the roster so far as it’s got a rich story, great cast, and a very enticing level of special effects that makes it stand out from the rest. There are plenty of naysayers that would likely point out that it’s nothing special, that it’s just another show that was acquired by Netflix to avoid becoming swamped by other services once Disney pulls everything out of it, but honestly Netflix has been stepping up their game in a big way since the threat of Disney pulling every last one of their properties out of their grasp came around. Netflix has in fact been grabbing up whatever they can in order to maintain their service as one of the number one providers of entertainment online and so far they’ve been doing a great job.

Letting go of this series however could have been a costly blunder save for the fact that there are so many other titles on there already that can make up for it. It’s true that  lot of people want to see Ice Fantasy come back, and it did have a second season, but where it’s going to go from here is anyone’s guess at this point. It’s all a matter of business and what the creators and producers want to do with it.

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