Top Five Episodes Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season One

Top Five Episodes Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season One

Top Five Episodes Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season One

After eight seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be saying goodbye with their final season that starts airing on Thursday, August 12, 2021. For the past eight years, Jake Peralta, Ray Holt, Terry Jeffords, Rosa Diaz, Amy Santiago, Charles Boyle, Hitchcock, and Scully have made us laugh, dance, sing, cry, and laugh again throughout each tremendous season. To celebrate this amazing show, we’ll count the five best episodes of seasons one through seven. Let’s not waste any more time and check out the top five episodes of season one.


Sometimes, it takes a while for a show to find its footing, especially in the first season; however, Brooklyn Nine-Nine came out of the gate with a hilarious episode that did a strong job of establishing the characters and world of this quirky cop series. In the pilot, the officers of the 99th precinct meet their new captain, Ray Holt, a stern and serious man who’s a complete opposite of the precinct star cop, Jake Peralta. In the cold open, Jake goofing around in the video store provides some nice one-liners, along with Amy and Jake questioning the citizens in the apartment and his overall dynamic with Holt. The side story of Charles and Rosa is sweet and funny as well. A strong opening that set the tone and standard for the upcoming episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The Slump

So Scully getting beat up by a prostitute is the 99s favorite cop video, these men and women have good taste. The third episode of season one finds Peralta going through a slump, Charles frisking an old woman’s butt, and Pete Davidson (who’s supposed to be a high school kid) worried about Amy and Rosa not believing that black people can sell drugs. Brooklyn Nine-Nine knows their characters and continues to get the best out of them with funny gags and one-liners; though the show wisely doesn’t rely on jokes to cover for a thin plot. In each episode, multiple characters develop in some type of way and The Slump was no different.

The Vulture

Never knock having sex with a 68-year-old grandma with a replacement hip! This episode saw another special guest appearance, Dean Winters from HBO’s OZ or the guy from all those all-state commercials, who plays The Vulture, a man who swoops in and solves cases that are almost solved and takes the full credit for himself. Winters fits right into the world of Brooklyn Nine-Nine with his interactions with Jake, Charles, and Amy providing strong one-liners. The best gag of the episode is the flashbacks of The Vulture taking over the cases of Rosa and Amy, or in Charles’ case, his Skim White Chocolate Macchiato. Rosa’s weird attraction to The Vulture was also a fun gag. The side story of Captain Holt and Gina trying to get Terry Jeffords recertified was nice progression of the Jeffords character that also showcased the fun dynamic between Gina and Jeffords.


Who knew that Kim Jong-Un and Hillary Clinton were such a hot couple! In the show’s first holiday episode, the precinct is forced to work one of the busiest nights of the year, Halloween. The problem? Amy hates Halloween but is forced to work with Charles and Jake is too worried about being a criminal. Of course, the strongest dynamic of the show is Jake and Captain Holt, so when these two interact, there’s always gold because of the juxtaposition of each other’s characters. That was no different here and Peralta coming off as a complete goof provided some good fun, with the best visual gag being him and the dancing adult babies. The twist of Peralta outsmarting Holt the entire time was a damn good one. The Jeffords/Rosa and Amy/Charles side stories was more about character development, though there were some good one-liners and gags along the way.

The Party

It’s time to be appropriate! This special episode gave fans a chance to see the home life of Captain Holt, who’s married to Kevin Cozner, and is apparently the funny one in the relationship. This episode was an opportunity to provide pure comedic gold and The Party did not disappoint. From Amy’s desperation to impress and learn more about Holt to Jake trying to be best friends with Kevin, there was no shortage of laughs when it came to this special episode. Once again, the writers do an excellent job of leaning into the personalities of the core cast without it ever feeling forced, and this episode gave everyone a moment to shine. As always, the character development in Brooklyn Nine-Nine is strong and the ending of the two lovebirds celebrating as Hitchcock sings his opera was very sweet.Brooklyn Nine-Ninefinal season

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